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Paging Mike Kerins - re: your pics

Aug 5, 2005
Mike -

I have to say your knife pics are the best prepared and presented. There are absolutely no scratches showing, and your shine is second only to Goose's bald spot... :rolleyes:

How do you prepare the knives??? Do you fine sand them before buffing???

I just got a Custom Shop 110 in with very faint scratches on the bolsters...I gave it a quick buffing, but I'm wondering if 400/600/1500 sanding and then another buffing is your secret... ;) :D
...Great looking Custom Trax...I don't know what Mike does to his knives either but the one thing I do to eliminate those microscopic scratches and swirls is the same thing I did when I wanted to show a car at a show...I use cornstarch. With cars I tossed it right on the surface and put a DA on it with a super soft cotton buff and worked it gently. With a knife I make a slurry of the starch with water and put it on a soft piece of cotton flannel which sits on a mouse pad. I move the bolsters over the slurry by hand til I'm happy...Sounds weird doesn't it??...LOL...Can't wait to hear what it is that Mike does...my wife hates the mess I make...
The only thing I use to clean the bolsters on my knives in a soft cotton cloth, usually painter's rags. Other then that I just keep them clean. Thanks for the compliment. I also take the photos using natural light. There are a few that I took using a flash and you can really see the micro-scratches.