Palmpilot pro or EDI Genesis?

May 3, 1999
If I were going to spend $130, do you think it would be better spent on a palmpilot or an ~$130 knife?
Since I have neither, I figured some of you might have both and be able to help me through this difficult decision.

I can't help since I don't have a palmpilot. I almost got one, but I couldn't figure out how to make a PB&J sandwich or cut limes for CORONA's with the palmpilot ;^}

Stay Sharp!
Will Fennell
President-EDI Knives
Making my decision easier, eh?

I wanna see the president of 3COM post a rebuttal

Now that I have the attention of a bunch of Genesis owners, (and the president), could you measure the blade in the worst way possible? By that I mean from the tip to the middle of where the blade meets the handle. Even though the endura98's stats say it has a 3 3/4" long blade, when measured this way the blade is 3 7/8" long, dangerously close to the 4" NY limit. I'd rather stay on the safe side than live dangerously.

Interesting question. Though the stats for the Genesis say the blade is 3.9" long, if I measure it from "tip to where the blade meets the handle" I get just a fraction under 4"---like less than an eighth. I measure the actual cutting edge to 3 7/8" long. Kind of borderline to your requirements and I certainly see your point (no pun intended).

That said, it's a great knife, my personal favorite. Of all the knives I have this is the one I like having at all times. Even above my <gasp> Sebenza!

If it wasn't for that blade length concern, it would be an easy decision......the heck with the palmpilot! What kind of knife is that anyway?


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Haha, wrote a whole message under the pretext that you wrote 4 1/4", not a hair under 4".
That sounds good.

I think i'm a little tired.
Yep, i'm tired, but lemme edit the post once again.
How much less than 4" is it? The law specifically says 4" and up is illegal, so if its REALLY close to 4", thats bad. Hmm.
An eigth of an inch is fine, even a sixteenth. Any closer than that, and it really seems like pushing the limits. (as if a sixteenth of an inch isn't)


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I've been told the Palm Pilot doesn't hold an edge worth a damn.

Knife Outlet

My Genesis has a-sharpened-edge of 3 7/8"

However, with that being said, most NYC cops use the "4 finger" rule, laying the knife across the hand, which in my xlarge case is more like 3.5". Also, in my experience, if they want, any cop can take any knife- 4" blade or 1" blade away from you if they deem you unworthy. Blade length matters much less than your intent or situation.

Because of the hand "rule", maybe you should make it your point to only get frisked by cops with grossly oversize, bloated hands. Maybe try to find one with hands that measure 5-6" across. Stay away from midget or female cops.

Anyway, keep in mind that the lo-profile clip
maintains a very non-knifely appearance in the pocket, and will draw little attention.

Also in 5 years or 50, the Genesis will still be cutting away while the palm pilot will be an expensive paperweight.


Anthony P. Lombardo
-will destroy knives for
The worrst way I've seen a blade measured, was by an airport security guard, who opened a mini AFCK to 90 degrees and measured it from the tip to the very end of the tang (the part the liner would rest against).

This was a bit of an eye opener for me because I can imagine someone describing the blade as being the entire piece of metal that opens out from the handle. The fact that a half inch or so stays inside the handle could be seen as irrelevant. Its all still the blade, right?

In this case, anything that we would call over 3.5 inches could be seen as over 4 inches.
The PalmPilot is an excellent device for storing your favorite dealer's address and phone number, calendar your future purchases, calculate and keep track of amounts $$$$ spent to date, store reminders to sharpen, and put all of the above under a password so the wife doesn't find out the "opportunity costs' of all those purchases. Just be careful you don't puncture your finger on the stylus

OK, OK I'm in the wrong place

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I'll echo all the above reasons to go with the Genesis, and cutting limes is probably one of the biggest. Besides, my mom always told me that "palm piloting" leads to hairy palms. Don't know if that's true, but be careful.
(Sorry, I know you were all thinking it, but somebody had to say it.)

Don LeHue

The pen is mightier than the sword...outside of arm's reach. Modify radius accordingly for rifle.

I think I'd have to go with the Genisis. That damn palm pilot is to hard to sharpen, even with the Spydie sharpmaker. I agree with Anthony. Maintain a low profile and stay out of trouble and you should be fine. Cross the line even slightly and its up to the discretion of the officer involved. Why just last week the security guards at work confiscated my 1 7/8" zytel plain bladed Dragonfly. Now that is an AWESOME weapon let me tell you!


who dares, wins

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I can't help since I don't have a palmpilot. I almost got one, but I couldn't figure out how to make a PB&J sandwich or cut limes for CORONA's with the palmpilot ;^}

Ahhhh, Corona....definitely get the knife.


Live fast, die young, and leave a good looking corpse, it's the only way to win.

Oh yeah, regarding the blade length. It has been noted by at least one forumite that the new Endura 98's blade is a little longer than the old Endura. Also, I read in a magazine that the Endura 98 blade is now something like 3 15/16". OBTW, same mag said the Delica 98 was now 3 1/16". Seems like a good move on the Endura (as close as possible to 4"), but maybe not so good on the Delica (just went over the DC limit, I believe, if not in other jurisdictions as well.). 'Course, doesn't matter if you don't get caught until you use it. If you only use it when you have to (and I mean HAVEto), you'll be glad you have it. Carry a mini-SAK to clean under your fingernails.

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Just to answer your questions, from tip to tang, just barely under 4" like 1/16th or so.
Good luck!



"The fact that a half inch or so stays inside the handle could be seen as irrelevant. Its all still the blade, right?"

You are right in that this method of measure is the absolute worst, may I add most idiotic.

The blade ends where the handle begins, as in the *very first* point of contact from the tip of blade. There is NO overlap.
Now the edge of the blade/handle juncture can vary by way of wavy or sloped contours, but there is no overlap. If people measured 'blade' length by the blade's 'tang', they would have to measure down almost the entire length of most fixed blade handles because the steel from the blade usually extends way down the handle. Even the ridiculous 'four finger' measurement is done from the top of handle to the fully opened blade tip.

For anyone encountering someone with this 'blade tang is inlcuded in the blade length' philosophy, please rationally and convincingly educate them in proper measurement assesment, for all our sakes.


"The law specifically says 4" and up is illegal"
If this is exactly the way it is stated, then I understand you wanting to keep a buffer zone from the 4" mark.
But understand, 'you' have got to draw the line somewhere. If you want to prepare for the *worst* case method of measuremnt, you'll end up carrying a 2" blade folder or something. You have apparently checked into your states codes and know your rights. In my opinion, if you have the written law in your favor(and aren't engaged in other illegal activities at the moment), then let the authorities do their 4 finger measurement. If they choose to be more 'abstract' in thier interpretations of the law, you should become more 'exact' in yours and carry a section of a ruler that goes up to 4" whenever you tote your knife and it wouldn't hurt to be able to cite a few specific sections of code to let them know they can take your knife from you for various BS reasons, but both you and they know the law will favor you in the end so that you are the good citizen and they are the seedy cop.


ps- Go with the Genesis.
The worst way to measure I've heard of was posted on rec.knives a while ago -- the cops used a fractal computer program to prove the sharp edge of a serrated knife was very long....

-Cougar Allen :{)
Cougar: Thats no problem, i'd rather have a plain edge, and in that case, i'd hope they measure edge length instead of blade length.

Thanks for the posts, guys.
Still not sure which i'm going to get, but now i'm sure the genesis is legal for me to carry.

I'm an owner of a Palm Pilot. Here's just a few things I use my pilot for:

-copy text of an interesting forum thread/web site/etc. into a new memo with the palm pilot desktop program...then it's avaiable on my handheld pilot.

-while sitting in a company meeting, I might sketch out a new knife design, or draw a co-worker across the table using a drawing program. Oh yeah...I could really take notes on the meeting, or jot down a to do list.

-have access to all user names/passwords/etc with the push of a button (from home, work,etc).

-store phone numbers, addresses, e-mail

-play games

-I'm a licensed gun collector...I can carry a complete database of firearms available with my license to a gun show.

-I've thrown away my desktop calendars, wall calendars, meeting/to-do planners, rolodex, and post-it notes around my computer monitor.

I could go on and on. For home or work, I'd hate to be without it!
Oh yeah, I also keep several knife Faq's on my palmpilot. I keep notes on each knife in my collection (history, value, etc)