Panama Fighters by Sean MacWilliams

Jun 18, 1999
i have been searching and searching for anything on Sean Mc(or Mac)Williams and i only found out that he made Panama fighters and helped this one guy heat treat a blade.

id really like to find out more because i am very interested in the CMP440V bladed knives and know he made some.

i only know of spyderco makeing them. any others?

MS Wannabe - Sean forges CPM-440V. I believe he is the only one doing this at this time. He has his own heat treating techniques and produces excellent blades and sheaths.

Sean's interest in forging stainless was already in motion at the 1983 "Hammer In" in Dubois, Wyoming. Bill Moran, Bill Bagwell and Don Hastings were teaching a buch of us "newbies" their forging methods.

I own a large number of FB models. when I need a "working" FB of a larger size (mine is 7/5" blade), I will generally grab Sean's knife. Hope this helps. Have you spoken with Sean?