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Para Cord and Grip Tape?

I want to get some 550 paracord and grip tape that I've seen on some modified AFCKs. Local sporting goods stores don't seem to have them. Is there anywhere on line or mail order where I can buy these. Thanks, Cappy

I am not sure whick kind of grip tape you are talking about, but I have seen about three kinds: one was black with sand imbedded in it, one is grey with molded in texture, and the other kind was found on Pachmeyer style handgun grips.

I have seen the black and grey kinds at places like Home Depot, or True Value Hardware Stores. The handgun grip kind you can find at better gun shops/shooting stores. Look in yellow pages for one near you.

Let us know where you find the style you want.

Ray 'md2020'
If you are talking of the grip tape you saw in my Kasper AFCK review, you can talk to Kevin Gentile.

But if I am not mistaken it is skateboard grip tape.


Marion David Poff aka Eye, one can msg me at mdpoff@hotmail.com If I fail to check back with this thread and you want some info, email me.

Check out my review of the Kasper AFCK, thougths on the AFCK and interview of Bob Kasper. http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Meadows/1770/kasperafck.html


For grip tape on my .45s I use 3M - I think they call it stair tread tape or something like that- anyway you can get it in most hardware stores. It's on rolls, sold by the foot.
hi, the skateboard tape, looks like it is merely wet/dry sand paper with double sided sticky tape. suggestyou try marine hardware store for non- skid tape, looks like chipped rubber + the self sticky is waterproof ..apply dry & warmed.cheers W
Thanks to all, I sincerely appreciate the help-these forums are great. Cappy
You can get paracord from any military surplus store; I got a hundred feet for six bucks. Called 550 cord, it comes in black, white and olive drab. I got the sticky grip tape, called 3M Grip tape, at the local Home Depot. Cost me 11 cents for one foot! Located in the adhesives department
A local army surplus store was selling 550 paracord with something on the order of 15 internal strands. I didn't buy any because I thought I remembered someone stating that true 550 paracord has 7 internal strands. Can someone help separtate the marketing from the product? Does it really make a difference?

Best Regards, ToddO
**The stair traction/ skateboard tape works great. Just clean the handle thouroughly first, then cut out the design that you want. Use the back to draw on from your template, then peel n stick. Real easy. NOTE: Just be careful about using it on your best folders or on your semiautos! This grip tape is more or less sticky back sandpaper. IT SHEDS!!! Although it lasts a long time under average use, the sand wears off of the backing.

-Speaking as a pistol smith, I know what sand in mechanisms with close tolorances can do. Its one thing if you plan to sand, clean and polish your favorite toy for a specific reason. Its another to take your favorite toy down to the sand box. What normally happens is your holster/ sheath acts like a sandbox, catching the small amounts of sand that sheds off of your grip tape. As time passes, grains of coarse abrasive get into the slide rails, etc. and can scratch the heck out of your best Caspian/Microtech.

-Ways to use the grip tape while lessening the chances of scratching our favorite toys:

1) Design small openings at the bottom of your holster/sheath. Allows some of the sand to fall out of the box. Of course you want to be careful to not cut the stitching of the seam.

2) Clean your toy after every use.

3)Paint the tape w/ an enamel based paint.
This is my favorite way, and the most effective. There's any number of colors to choose from and although it smooths out the surface some, it makes the tape last a long time.

-These methods are not foolproof, but they do help, if you intend to use this product.
I do not know how well this stuff sticks to plastics, carbonfiber & such, but it works great on anodized Al & blued steel. Hope this has been a help.


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