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Para-Military compression lock question

Dec 31, 2006
Greetings. I'm new around here and have enjoyed reading many posts. I have a question about the para-military compression lock after reading some of the reviews and getting confused about how the lock works. Can you open the knife one-handed without touching the compression lock, or does the lock "tab" have to be engaged before the knife can be opened?

I am thinking of ordering one, but thought I would try to clear this up first. Thanks for your help!
No need to touch the lock to open the knife. Likely the confusion is caused by some people decompressing the lock to "flick" open the knife via inertia rather than using the normal thumb hole manual operation. Decompressing the lock takes friction off the blade, allowing it to rotate freely. Just a silly trick; certainly not a necessity. ;)
Thanks for the information. That makes a lot of sense.

Ordered a para this morning and now have to wait...definitely the hard part!
Hi welderboy, the Para is an awesome knife and I am sure you will love it!! It is very easy to open AND close one handed!!
Join us over on the Spyderco forums. http://spyderco.com/forums/index.php?
While you wait, here are some pics to make the wait easier;) .







Thanks for those pics, Ron. The views of the compression lock are fantastic. I couldn't find any pics like that before ordering, and seeing them has given me a much greater understanding of the mechanism. I have enjoyed all the great information on the para on these forums, and I think this is going to become my favourite knife in a hurry.

Mark, I promise you that it is going to be your favorite knife in a hurry!! I am looking forwards to your thoughts and comments when you get it.

It is without a doubt, one of my favorite designs of all time. I'm not just talking Spyderco, but from all companies.
welderboy, the comp.lock is basically an inverted liner-lock, locking the tang of the blade from above. it's supposedly, and proven actually, to be stronger than a liner-lock. only it takes little more time to get used to than a liner-lock

check this thread as well: http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=446122


PS. beware of Para's with vert. blade-play caused by the com.lock, there's plenty of 'em around.

i've read that it's adjustable with a screw on the handle, but i'd advice you to buy one that's spot on perfect from the start anyways. if you like comp.locks.....the ATR, Salsa and Gunting have it too