parachute cord for handles?

Cliff Stamp

Oct 5, 1998

I found that if I kept the lanyard tight around my wrist that it would not come loose out of my hand so quick.

A tight laynard does give better security and can eliminate slips totally on stabs and such. However I don't like to have to rely on it.

I just have seen too many makers (including myself) take the shortcut of a quick wrap and calling it done. Cheap and dirty.

While it obviously is a lot cheaper than a constructed handle, it does have properties that I would prefer over many more costly grips. However the price should reflect it obviously. On the Strider models, I think the full G10 grips are 50$ more, or another way, the cord wrap grips are $50 cheaper.

First was to using an agressive checkering file and groove the grip.

Yes, you can get high levels of security with an aggressive surface. The Reeves project is circular, probably the worst for security but the checkering locks your grip in place very solid.

Another way to coat and cure the grip with Brownell's spray grit.

How long does that last?