Paracord and nail hardener

Aug 27, 2009
Just started to try and learn how to wrap some tools with paracord.
I heard in videos that you can use hair spray to help keep it together.

Question, as I'm a fly tier, I use nail polish to hold thread together.
Has anyone used that in stead of hairspray ... doable?

Any input appreciated.

Epoxy and soft molding epoxy are things I use on heads for build up, shape and strength.

Any thoughts?
I've been experimenting with a few different sprays and adhesives this Summer.

One that has worked pretty well on paracord (and natural fibers) - Shellac spray. One thing about it that makes it very forgiving is that it has no problem bonding to itself, and does not seem to care how fully the last layer cured. Very forgiving. When it dries it should also be nontoxic, if you care.

Normal superglue also seems pretty good.

I've had good results building DIY-'micarta like' handles moulded directly onto hidden tang blades. They are made out of tightly wound epoxy soaked hemp cord and bailing wire.
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