Paracord source?

Jul 17, 1999
I am looking for a source for a small(50 ft. or so) amount of paracord,to experiment with some neck knives.I have come across a 1500 ft.spool for sale, but only need a little. Any help will be appreciated.
The local Army Surplus here has small amounts of paracord. They have packaged some different lengths for convienience for people like us that don't need much. You might try yours if one is fairly near.


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What kind of paracord are you looking for? When I've gone to surplus stores they always try to give me stuff that looks like flat shoelaces. I found really good paracord at most outdoor stores (the stuff that is round, I mean). I find it for 5 cents a foot, usually, which is a steal. Most decent outdoor stores that cater5 to climbers and serious campers will have it in black.

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If you need to order the cord through a mail order source (because there is nothing local) almost any mail order military surplus catalog will have it. Try, for instance, U.S. Cavalry, Brigade Quartermaster's or something along these lines. Maybe simply a search on "military surplus" or something similar will give better choices. Good luck!
Hehe.. Been looking for a source as well, for paracords (want to experiment on some handle wrappings using said product).

I was directed to Brigade Quartermasters by Brian of Discountknives (Thanks, Brian!). Unfortunately, they also sell by the spool.
And I think they don't sell outside the continental US. Bummer!!

I know that Wal-Mart has some camo pattern paracord $2 for 15ft(?).


Be careful when buying "paracord." Not all paracord is created equal. My 13 year old daughter went to the store to buy paracord to take to camp. What she brought back was sad. It had five cotton inner strands with some filler. It looked more like boot lace material. Real 550 paracord is shroud line material for military personnel parachutes. It has an OD green outer nylon casing with seven (not five, not one) inner strands and no filler. The inner strands can be pulled from the casing one at a time and have multiple uses themselves. If you have something other than the above, you don't have 550 paracord regardless of what the package says. The 550 stands for 550 lbs of tensil strength, tough stuff. So go informed, ask questions, and don't be deceived!

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Bruce, how can we tell if the paracord we'll be getting, will be the 550 version?
And also, do you know of a good source for these, if ever? Thanks!

E-mail your address.I can send you some olive drab paracord to experiment with.
Sorry for not sharing the source. I found it at International Military Sales Plus( about 10c a foot, delivered in 100 ft pkgs.I have not dealt with them before, but they seem ok.If you just run "paracord" through Dogpile, you will get a bunch of likely looking hits. I thank all of you for your advice and help, especially the generous offer to share!Isn't this forum great?
True paracord will with stand 550lbs of weight. It has many different outer colors, not just od green. the stuff I recommended above will work fine for neck knives. If you really want true paracord ask for a mil-spec #. If it comes off a spool, it should be labeled on it(the spool) along with a NSN/NIIN number. I'll check the manual, and get back with the # later.


Mickey, is that offer for me? If so, thanks, that's very generous of you. Unfortunately, I live outside the Continental U.S., so that wouldn't be a good idea.

But it's the thought that counts, and I'm thankful for that.