paragee action deterioration

Oct 28, 2002
hope i'm not too late and ppl still visit this section every once in a while...

anyways, i just received my paragee today to replace my 4+ year old impulse (i've had it for so long that i don't remember when i got it :p ). overall, i am liking the knife and look forward to using it as my edc for a little while. i do have a few nitpicks though: the clip is too stiff and is destroying my already frayed pockets, and the action has deteriorated from when i first opened it this morning.

the clip i don't really care about because it is easily reparable. as for the action, the tip of the ball detent has become flat causing extra friction and making the action stickier. on my impulse, the action is the same as i remember it to be the first time i opened it. did OE change metals for the detents between models?

has anybody else experienced this problem and/or have a solution for this? also, how have the nylon washers held up over time? has anyone tried replacing them with metal washers...maybe phosphorous bronze ones? thank you in advance.

PS. after handling and getting used to the paragee, my impulse feels absolutely humongous!
Oct 3, 1998
I've had detents wear off before, but only one knife, a BM mini AFCK. It seems that sometimes they just sieze up and tend to shear off afterwards. Where the Paragee is going out of production along with the other collaborations, I don't know if there is warranty service available to the level of liner or ball detent replacement. Email Dave Bloch for details, his addy is in older posts here. If they can't and it's a big deal to you, a custom maker could probably fix it for a price, maybe even Darrell himself?

As to the stickiness, you probably just need to lubricate it. Nylon washers hold up well. Don't worry about them. Phosphor Bronze washers would improve the smoothness. They are hard to find in the right thickness though.

The clip is easily bent to a more appropriate tension.