Paragon Cutlery ?


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Mar 19, 2000
I just acquired a knife manufactured by Paragon Cutlery. I did a search and did not like what I read, about their products or the company. Most of the posts were from a while back.

Anything new on Paragon?
Nothing new that I know of. I have owned 2 Paragon knives and have handled a good deal more that I debated buying. I have to say that my experience with them was not a good one. They were all auto's, so I have no idea about their manual knives/fixed blades. It sounds like you already read what I'm talking about, so I won't go into detail.
One of my friends had a Parabow once. Workable thing, even if it looked like a POS gizmo. Haven't read any glowing recommendations for other Paragon gear, doubt I ever will
My grandfather did tell me "cheap things don't come good, good things don't come cheap" and for the most part he was right, with the possible exception of CRKT's product line.

Miss Paragon who used to appear on the Paragon ads did provide some contrast to the otherwise dreary Blade magazine though...


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I know they made some decent fixed blades. Collaborations/designs by some famous makers like Larry Harly, George Herron, etc.. Blades were, I think, AUS8A. Pretty good fit and finish. You can still find them at shows all over for decent prices. I have heard that the custom makers that the designs were based on were cheated out of any royaltys. Whether that is true, I do not know. I also had one of their autos. Fairly decent knife with a super strong spring. Damn thing would jump out of your hand. But, I traded it off as it was fairly expensive for the workmanship.

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