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Paragon/Larry Harley Battle Bowie


Feb 4, 1999
Anyone have one of these? How is it?

Cry "Havoc" and let slip the dogs of war. Wm Shakespeare
I Recently purchased a Paragon/Harley Battle Bowie. When I recieved It, I did the normal inspection, I noticed that the blade was warped. The dealer that I purchased from has a card in the box stating that any warranty claims be made through the factory. So I called Paragon And explained the situation, they gave me the run around about how I have to have the dealer send it back, B.S., Paragon knives should take some customer service lessons from Spyderco and Benchmade, I have returned knives to them that were 5+ years old and they honored thier warranties. This is a brand new blade and they wont take it back or even look at it, so buyer beware if purchasing a Paragon knife. Anybody have a
similar experience with this company. It is the first and the last knife I will purchase from them.

Cry "Havoc" and let slip the dogs of war. Wm Shakespeare
Is it possible for you to get a picture of the thing up for me please? Somebody mentioned someone was using one of these as a pigsticker, and I've been looking for something that has more reach than my Project 1.

Oh, I noticed the Shakespear quote. Here's one you ought to like, I swear it's true too!

"To what base uses we may return, Horatio! Why may not imagination trace the noble dust of Alexander, till he find it stopping up a bunghole?" -Hamlet, Act 5, Scene 1-
Hey Snick,

I like your Shakespare quote, I have a pic of the Harley Bowie. It's a nice knife, but you better get one locally so you can check it out before you purchase. Seems Paragon is a little short in the quality control dept. check the response I got in the Good, Bad and the Ugly section about Paragon Cutlery. I think that the harley would be a pretty good pig sticker, but the Harley Battle Dagger would be even Better, the Dagger is pretty similar to the Battle Bowie except it has a thinner profile and is fully sharpened top edge. Hope this helps.
The pic: http://members.aol.com/RUXPRINCD/harley.jpg
Thanks for the picture. I'm not sure I like the concave portion of the edge, since I sharpen on a flat stone, but the handle looks pretty good. I'll have to track one of these down and check it out.

Yeah, I thought that one was kind of funny considering the two meanings it could have do to the changes our language has undergone since Shakespear's time...

"One of God`s Prototypes. A powerful mutant, never even considered for mass-production.
Too weird to live. Too tough to die."

Why dont you just call Larry directly and get a real one!! I realize it will cost you much more, but you will get much,much more knife!

Larry is quite the charactar, he takes folks hog hunting w/knives etc... I think he uses his Combat Bowie. He will make it in either L-6 or ATS 34. HE makes one in 7-3/4" and one about 9.5" or so. When i talked to him, he had an ATS one available.

Just my opinion, ive never had good luck with factory knives.