Parasite concept

Oct 26, 2001
I've been following the Simonich company for a few years, having just found out about him just before his death, and am glad to see that Mrs. Simonich and R.W. Clark have been able to keep the company running and some of Rob's ideas alive. I'm curious as to whether or not the parasite concept that Rob developed will ever be revived by the company, because it's one I'm seeing copied a lot now. I noticed recently that gerber has a knife/axe combo based on it and several lower end knockoff companies have used the idea as well. Personally I think a Kootenai type design with thicker scales which could fit the parasite would be an awesome combo. Does anyone know if the company does plan to revive this concept? Thanks for any info you've got.

The Parasite design was purchased/licensed to another company. Not sure which though.

Also Rob was not the first to use this idea, it was around a bit before the SRT/parasite.

And yes we are bouncing around some ideas for the possible future.

It was licensed to MTech, a foreign maker of low end knives. They called it the Parasite also. You also might find it under the BOSS label as the Parasite (BOSS is a sub brand of Mtech) An interesting knife. Main blade is about 4" and the knife looks a lot like the Salish. Secondary knife is in the handle (plastic handle I think).
I saw one in a Hood Woods video and tried to buy one from the maker but his wife turned me down.