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Paratrooper, a little giggly

May 22, 2000
I would like to review the item "paratrooper knife." You have probably seen this, it is like a butterfly, but has internal mechanisms so that the blade comes out from the center instead of the handles spinning. picutre at http://store1.yimg.com/I/lemleys_1580_136084. It resembles a marching band stand when closed, but when open it's a rather formidable knive. I use it to chop through the thistle around the bus stop while i'm waiting, and it slices right through it (I've done quite a bit of honing though). My friends tell me the knife is a german paratrooper knife, and I feel safe with it in my vest because I know it will not open on me. However, with the model I got, the two brass rivits at the bottom broke off. THe knife is still secure and steady, and doesn't fall apart, but the blade jiggles about 3 milimeters left to right when in use. This is noticable in the feel, making it feel a bit insecure.The serrated top part of the knife is also rather useless. I tried sawing through various woods to no effect. They seem to be for looks, but then again, they do serve that purpose rather well. However, for about $10, with about a 5" blade, I still recomend the knife.