Parker Info

Oct 13, 1998
I have come into possesion of a Parker Eagle Brand knife, but know very little about it. It is has a single 3.5" turkish clip damascus blade and a liner lock. The lock is released by a small piece which says, of all things, press. The handles appear to be horn(or maybe bone) but I'm not sure. The knife has brass liners and three brass pins on each side. It also has bolsters which appear to be NiAg, but again, I'm not sure. Although a linerlock, it has a very strong backspring which keeps it closed. Opening is accomplished by a nail groove. I will post a picture soon, but haven't developed film yet.
Any information on date, name or value is much appreciated.
I'm not sure if this is your knife but in 1984, Parker Cutlery Co. contracted with Fain Edwards Iron Works to produce Damascus steel for 30,000 folders in stag handles. They called this the Parker-Edwards Co. In '86, Parker became the sole owner and I read in Collector's Knives (12th ed) some of the blades are stamped Parker-Edwards and others Parker-Frost or Parker USA. Apparently there is a great interest in these knives by collectors. I didn't see any value in the section I read. I hope that helps a little.



To add to Gregs info. Blade Magazine also offered that knife back then as an alternative to the Case (trapper or coke bottle not sure) as there yearly choice for the knife.Those particular ones were numbered and marked ABCA and dated.
More details: The box says "Parkers Eagle Brand Knives" and the ricasso says 'parker' on one side with an eagle and 'hand made Seki Japan' on the other.
I believe Strider has nailed this one. There were also a few made without the ABCA markings and I remember them selling a few years ago in the $60 to $90.00 range. If memory serves me correctly, there is also a NKCA set with this pattern in it. Maybe someone knows for certain. Amacks what is the length of the knife closed? I have a Parker book that lists the liner lock in Damascus length 33/4" closed made in Stag and in Ivory (rare) the number of blades (3) is a misprint in the book.