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Pasadena Knife Expo '99


Nov 22, 1998
Just got back. I enjoyed the show. It was great to meet James Mattis and WLL there.

I was happy to see that Barry Posner was selling blade blanks based on Bob Engnath's designs (with Stephanie Engnath's permission). He said if there's interest he'll continue to grind them. If you're interested email me for more info.

I liked the kerambits from Berserkir Technologies. I've been interested in getting one but hadn't previously seen any. Now I know where to get them.

The best part was getting to check out the BM Axis lock. This is now top contender for the "my-next-knife" honors previously held by the EDI Genesis. Now to come up with the $$$.



Nice meeting you and James at the show. Must tell ya the Axis gets my vote ... one heck of a production knife.


Show's over. Less knives, more money, good. And glad to meet everybody who droppped by. Just wish I'd had more time to talk knives and cabages and kings, between fielding questions and keeping an eye on things up and down 16 feet of table.

Yeah, James, you looked real busy when I stopped by. Sounds like you did alright. Hope so. It seems like after last years show some of the makers and distributors weren't happy with how they did. Did people do more buying this year?


It was a good show. Almost as good as last year for me. Not quite as frantic in the back room. The gate seemed a little off too. Maybe the fact that there were two gunshows in the area had something to do with it?

Thanks for listening!