Past reviews on REKAT?

Nov 3, 1999
I'm interested in a Rekat Carnivore with a D2 blade to be used for daily carry. I'm a woodworker, so this knife would have to do the simple chores--cardboard, rope, tape, etc. But it would have to stand up to used on hardwoods, such as oak and maple.
Any one have comments or links to reviews. I've noticed that they don't show up much at the for sale site. Is this a good thing?

Barry H.
Look right under the "post reply" icon. Click on search. Type in carnivore and carnivour (some people spell it differently). Specify this forum, and subject only.
There are twenty reviews.
Happy reading!
REKATS lock system, as you most likely know, is awesome, second to none other then REEVE frame lock, if you ask me. D2 can be rough for ME to sharpen, but my buddies have had good luck with it.

I have a Pioneer II in ATS34 straight edge tanto configration, and I worked this knife to the point where I feel it is an extension of my hand. Sharpens up WICKED, and the lock nvr fails...