Pat Crawford Marauder

May 16, 2006
I was torn between a Wortac I had on layaway with Pat and this new model he has called the Marauder. Both were fairly well equal in size and weight but I really liked the handle of the Marauder with it's fingergrooves and round butt, I really like round butts!:eek: :D After talking with Pat and finding out that he had a buyer for the Wortac so it didn't matter to him which I took, I took the Marauder. Since I'm not a gold memeber I can't post photo's but here is a link to Pat's site and several Marauders are there to see,
I've carried it since Christmas Eve and have found it to ride most comfortably. I also had ordered some of the foldover clips from KnifeKits and lo and behold the holes lined up so that the clip fits the Marauder and enables me to carry tip up, something that Pat will not drill a knife for due to possible injuries. It also puts the knife deep and secure in the pocket with nothing but the clip showing, which is something I really like. These are overbuilt and heavy duty knives. The titanium liners are .075" thick and the blade is .160" thick. It has titanium bolsters, titanium backspacer, and black linen micarta grips. I had asked Pat to satin finish everything but upon receiving I felt the bolsters were still too shiny, so I came up with a solution to fix the problem. Made a trip to Wal-Mart and picked up one of the little one-hand torches, came home, removed the bolsters, cleaned bolsters to remove any wax or anything that might be on them, used lighter fluid to do so, and then I torch anodized the bolsters and backspacer. They came out to a mottled purple and blue that really mute the shiny and really look good, if I do say so myself!:thumbup: I haven't had much chance to task the knife yet but so far it has stood up to the paper and cardboard cutting I have done. The blade steel is S30V and the lockup is right on the money with no movement from a little spine whacking I tried on it. Really like the knife and I really like Pat and Wes' heavy duty build on their folders. So much in fact that I called Pat and placed an order for the new Raider model. Going bosterless for it but am having it built with some .100" thick ti liners and a blade of .175" S30V. Should be here around the first part of March, which is another thing I like about Crawford Knives, the short order to delivery time they have. Anyway go to Pat's site and check out what they have. If you like 'em heavy duty you'll like these!!:thumbup: :)