Patented Products, or When is it a ripoff?


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Oct 2, 1998
We've all seen the $5 Eagle Brand ripoff's of the Spydie designs, but there are numerous documented cases of $100+ custom makers doing the same thing, and big companies doing it to the little guys.

From what I've heard, all you have to do is change a few lines, and presto, the knife (or other product) is legal. Is this the truth?

Since all knives have a common theme (they cut, or resemble cutting tools) and since current technology limits us to a finite number of designs, further limited by legal restrictions, what should we do about "stealing" or "borrowing" of designs/features?

Scorn only the most blatant of ripoffs? Look the other way? Tell the company to compete better?


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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I won't buy a clone no matter what. "Influences" are one thing, I was pretty open about what ideas were "borrowed" to make up The Outsider (and I'd bet Sal would be amused by my reference to "Civilian DNA" in there).

But a slavish copy? Fergeddit, I'll strike the whole maker/company from further consideration for that garbage.

Jim March
I dont have an answer, but rather two statements.
I'll use EDI for an example because I like the Genesis, and I have heard Will toss around the idea of a custom shop.

1)It would suck to walk in a place and see a cheep looking Genesis ripoff by el-cheep-steel-company.

2)I want a damascus Genesis, but the manifactuer doesnt make one.

This coin truly has two sides.
Thanks to Will for letting me use him as an example.


Mouse Assassins inc.

Would that maker from England, Farid, be considered one of these guys? I once saw a folder of his that closely resembles the Sebenza (and heavy as a boat anchor too) and I've also read some remarks about him here that were not favorable at all. I am not impressed at all with his work.

Dexter Ewing
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I spoke about this matter with a knife maker the other day. He said it didn't bother him at all if other companies used his designs, because a lot of people still seek him out to purchase one of HIS knives, rather than the knock off. The other companies do, however, credit the design to him.

Also, if another maker blatantly copies a design, frequently the offended buyers, knowing of this, will not buy the knife from the copycat maker. Just my 0.02 Walt