Patience must be a virtue

Well, I was shopping for a couple good hawks because rattlesnake season is coming around the corner. That's when I bumped into this forum. So, now here I am without a Blade subscription. That means I can't see the pictures everyone is raving about because it hasn't hit the newstands yet. Once this web site is up, is it going to have the full material / heat-treat specs on these hawks? Also, how long are we looking at for delivery time? Seems like things are getting backed up pretty fast.

Stay back!or I'll...OUCH...cut myself.
Yes, patience is indeed a virtue and tribulation worketh patience. Waiting for a good tool does, at times, seem like a tribulation but it is worth it in the long run.
Welcome to the forums and look them over, I think you will find the answeres to most of your questions.
If you have any spacific questions I am sure the Andy or Bobby will answer them just as fast as they possibly can....just remember we want to keep them busy making tomahawks too.

Bremerton, Washington

Man I am sure Andy can get you the tomahawks, but you have got to post some photos of them being used on a rattlesnake hunt...
Great idea! Course, if I post a picture of a calf muscle with puncture wounds, you can bet I won't have too many great things to say about these hawks.

Stay back!or I'll...OUCH...cut myself.
Alex....welcome to the American Tomahawk Company Forum.

A Hawk is a wonderful anti-snake tool. Pics of the two Rogers' Ranger Hawks which are available now can be seen here....the Spike Hawk and the Light Infantry Belt Hawk. Either is $150 each.

Construction specs on the Rogers' Rangers Series can be seen here for the time being...

Let us know how we can further assist you and feel free to contact me live to discuss a Hawk from the American Tomahawk Company!!!

Andy Prisco,
Co-Founder, Manager
American Tomahawk Company