Patricia Primos hits the big time

Jan 27, 2000
When I checked the mail today there was a package for my wife Patricia from Knife World. I thought, "What the heck is this"?

I'm a real hard core guy about not opening some else's mail, so I just left it on the kitchen table. When Patricia got home from work, she opened the big envelope and it was a copy of Knife World inside.

I was still confused as to why they would be sending it to her. Anyway, I went on back to the office and started checking my emails, when I heard Patricia holler "My knife! It's my knife"!

On page 21 was a shot of Patricia's first knife in the "Artistry In Knives" section of Knife World. It is a rustic hammer textured hunter that she did in the Summer of 2005. The photo was taken by Chuck Ward at one of the monthly meetings at Al Lawrence's place (Uncle Al, the Knifemaker's pal) this past Summer.

Patricia actually did do another knife in the Summer of 2004, but never would claim it as her own because I helped her just a tiny little bit -- and I mean a very little bit. On the 2005 knife she would not even let me get near it.

On this knife she opted to do a rustic / tribal hammer textured knife like I do from time to time. I think I showed it on the forums back then , but here's the one:


I am so happy for her, and so proud of her that I just had to let everyone know.
Oct 1, 1999
Congratz to Patricia on a job well done.

Terry, you must be bursting buttons off your shirt proud. ;)
Dec 8, 2002
I said it a while ago and I will repeat it now. If she starts making knives seriously or even occassionally, I want to be on her customer list.

Feel free to contact me if she gets a knife making gleam in her eye.
Nov 14, 2001
Wow, that's great you guys, congrats! Awesome job on a first knife. You better be careful she doesn't take over the shop now, hope you have two of everything...:D