Important Info! PayPal G&S only, never F&F

David Mary

pass the mustard - after you cut it
Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Jul 23, 2015
Good afternoon friends. There have been a few times when customers have offered to pay me using PayPal F&F. I appreciate the trust this implies but I have to insist on PayPal payments for my goods and services being done through G&S only, and I will refund payments made by F&F, and ask you to make them by G&S.

For a very reasonable fee, G&S provides both buyer and seller protection, but more importantly everyone with a paypal account agreed when signing up to never ask anyone to pay for goods or services using F&F. This does not mean I don't trust my customers, or that I think they should not trust me. It means only two things: 1), that I recognize things can go wrong with a transaction, independently of you or me (postal service mishaps, for example), and 2) that I intend for the agreement I signed with PayPal upon creating my account to remain inviolate.

My sincerest thanks for your kind understanding, and I look forward to bringing you more high performance cutlery!