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Peck! Peck! Peck!

Oct 16, 1998
The Peck by CRKT!

A short review for a short blade
By Fred Perrin.

When the K.I.S.S. has been released will all jump on it like misery on the third world.
When we have discovered the Peck, smaller with a sheep foot blade and a false edge (the blade look like Laci Szabo Jaws) it was a crush !

Why? Whyyyy? I got a particular attraction for that kind of little folder of that kind ?
I live in the big city… and if you follow the rule of the frencg law, any folder with lock is forbiden.
Discretion is really the name of the parisian game.
Most of the time, IMHO I don't need long blade.

The Peck got a nice system of the K.I.S.S. Nobody seems to thought it before Ed Hannigan !
The microsize of the Peck make it easy clipped to any pocket and to open it without any people to see it.
It's invisible in your hand.
It's can be a very nice money clip also a keyring.

The quality of the Peck is good. I don't know in what steel is the chisel blade but the edge is sharp and the edge holding much more than good.

It's my main folder when I go to the city.
In my workshop I use the Military or the Calypso but in the city only the peck and my Griffe.

As a weapon the peck is really vicious as you hold the blade at the level of the axis.
Very efficient even if it's not "tactical" written on it.
You can have it in so many situation thank to its lowprofile.

It's a gentleman folder for less than 20 dollars. A cheap pleasure and one of the smaller folder with one hand opening and closing with a clip.

Cheap ! Chic! Peck !

Fred and Nemo.