Persian Laminate Fighter by Burt Foster, MS

Feb 28, 2002
Greetings all,

This is a recent arrival from Burt that I've been enjoying so much it's been hard to put it down long enough to post it up on the forums.

What started out as a plan for a knife similar to Thor's piece from Blade '09 which blew me - and a whole lot of other people - away, evolved into something different. And it's something I like very much indeed.

This Persian laminate fighter sports a 10 1/8" upswept blade of Burt's signature forged to shape 416 stainless over 1095 carbon laminated steel. Overall length is 15 1/4". The handle is a stunning piece of Koa, in respect of which I owe a huge note of thanks to fellow forumite and Koa fan, Bill F. The curved guard is also signture Foster, and both it and the damascus butt cap sport a silver spacer.


This isn't my first laminate blade from Burt, but it is my favorite. The large, wide, swept blade makes an impressive canvas for the display of one of the more innovative developments in the forged blade in recent times. The cloudy, hamon-like transition zone betwen the carbon core at the cutting edge and the stainless flats takes on a bluish haze when the light hits it just right - a really neat effect.


As ever, the sheath is both a beautiful piece of work in its own right and a perfect match to the knife itself. That only looks like an insert - it's all one piece of leather with some talented tooling that pulls off a very convincing illusion.

And I must say I am now a HUGE fan of Koa. Really chatoyant wood, just like really chatoyant damascus - can't ever really be captured in a still photo as it is but one still frame from a beautiful motion picture. But the deep golden-bronze stripes in this wood truly seem to draw in ambient light and make it dance like crazy. Burt put a very time-consuming oil finish on this piece of wood and it was certainly worth the effort.


And it more than looks good - the handle feels great in hand. The knife is very light, fast and well-balanced for a large piece - which is what you want in a large fighter.

Bottom line - this one hits on all cylinders for me.

Thanks Burt!

burt is the man!....nuff said on that....great lookin knife roger!......ryan

That's a super looking knife. I really like the blade profile. The shape of the handle looks like it gives alot of control.

Your photography show the knife very well.

I love Persian blades, and this one is a home-run. Congrats Roger, Burt outdid himself on this one. The butt-cap is a cool addition, especially on that curved handle.
Wow, great knife (and sheath) Roger! Very nice pic too, thanks for sharing. Another example of how well Burt makes everything work together.
Clean line of laminated Hamon, fine damascus pattern, beautiful wood face...really great knife !
Outstanding ! :thumbup: :thumbup:

I love everything about this knife.

And the sheath, if you wouldn't have pointed out the fact it didn't have an insert, I would have missed it :eek:

Excellent work.......... from stem to stern :cool:

Simply stunning - congrats on the new addition.
Not to take any glory from Roger BUT I'm positive those are Burt's photos! :D
it is a great great knife.
From the balde materials to balde shape and handles.
It shows a real art.
Compliments man
That's a beautiful piece! I really like that laminate blade!
Outstanding piece! Really like the Koa wood on this one. Plus, the use of silver spacers with Burt's damascus fittings is really a nice touch. Love the sheath.

Great package, Roger. :thumbup:

- Joe
Burt Foster is the master of the laminated blade.
Spectacular, Roger, a REAL jawdropper.

Bill F. has an outstanding stash of koa.

Burt did good. That's a great knife. The damascus fittings with the laminated blade is always a nice touch.