Persian style blades - useful for EDC?

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by Comeuppance, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. Comeuppance

    Comeuppance Fixed Blade EDC Emisssary

    Jan 12, 2013
    One style of blade I rarely give a second glance is the "Persian" blade - generally, a long and upswept blade with a very stark curvature to the blade. Many knives have this blade profile, but I've never really been able to figure out a practical EDC use for them.

    Some examples, the last one being the inspiration for this post:


    Now, generally, I would argue that the end-all blade shape for EDC tasks is a tie between a wharncliffe or modified sheepsfoot blade, exemplified here by these Bökers:


    What has kept me away is the curvature - it seems like I would have to crane the knife at really awkward angles just to get functional use of the tip - a tip that is generally not very well reinforced as well! Additionally, it seems like the brunt of the cutting would be done with the apex of the curve just because it's the most readily accessible portion of the cutting edge.

    I don't want to be guilty of not giving an entire blade style fair consideration, though, and would like to hear of any real practical advantages or general EDC uses where this blade profile really shines. Really, I just want you to give me an excuse to buy that Microtech SBK because, as my friend put it when I showed it to him on my phone: "Daaaaaaaamn. That's just sexy."
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  2. Hawgsnawt

    Hawgsnawt Basic Member Basic Member

    Aug 16, 2015
    Well, best I can do for ya is to say when I look at the microtech in question, my first thoughts were, it looks like a modified BK5/15 with a sharper ground tip..... and with the 5/15 being some of the most loved BKs there are....I'd be willing to risk having to flip it on the exchange if it didn't suit me just to try it....


    ( I really just want a live review on the knife from someone I trust, it is sexy....... )
  3. Comeuppance

    Comeuppance Fixed Blade EDC Emisssary

    Jan 12, 2013
    The only downside is that I'd have to have a sheath made for the BK5, and it's already a bit too hefty and large for EDC. The primary issue really is weight, though - I had to bail on the Microtech Crosshair because it was like a cement block hanging off my belt... I loved that knife, but I didn't love it pulling down my pants.

    Tell you what - lets go halfsies on a SBK and if I like it I'll keep it quick send me the PayPal don't think about it too much
  4. T.L.E. Sharp

    T.L.E. Sharp Oatmeal Pecan is better than Chocolate-chip. Platinum Member

    Jun 30, 2016
    Sexy? Absoluteluly. Useful? I'm guessing probably not.

    Persian blades usually make great slicers, but the grind on that looks rather steep and the blades fairly thick. Screams wedging issues to me.

    If you want a sexy knife that will make a good defensive tool or just want to fondle it a bit, I say have at it. If however, you're looking for something good at chores like the Beckers mentioned above, I'd pass.
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  5. Jens Schuetz

    Jens Schuetz

    Jun 24, 2013
    What prevents one from from using more than just the apex of the curve? The knife 's angle can be changed during the cut thus allowing every part of the edge to do its share. In fact that hand and wrist movement might prove less tiring than a normal edge where your wrist would be at almost the same angle during all the cuts.

    Many butcher knives have that Persian shape, I learned here at BF.

    Why not get a cheap one to try out and then upgrade if you like it. I do, in case you haven't guessed it. :p

    Also there are knives which have great bellies and still a straight spine, making the tip stronger. For edc I do more poking than prying. The thinner tips are usually a benefit when drilling a whole into a lid for a project or digging out a splinter for example.

    Persians are versatile enough for edc in my opinion. But your edc requirements might differ.
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  6. Riz!


    May 5, 2014
    The benchmade always caught my eye but I have no real use for it. They probably make great skinners
  7. T.L.E. Sharp

    T.L.E. Sharp Oatmeal Pecan is better than Chocolate-chip. Platinum Member

    Jun 30, 2016
    Yes, I'd be more apt to buy the Benchmade than the Microtech. Looks slicey.
  8. JupiterPaladin

    JupiterPaladin Gold Member Gold Member

    May 4, 2016
    Great slicers especially for food prep. They also look sweet!
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  9. unwisefool

    unwisefool Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 22, 2007
    The microtech doesn't look quite as upswept as some Persian style blades I have seen. I'd say if you can get it for a good price then go for it!

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  10. palonej

    palonej Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Aug 5, 2015
    This is the only blade I have with that profile and I find it very useful. Great for opening boxes and cutting food.
    Not a bad EDC blade shape at all, but there are much better for my particular needs. I usually carry it for the cool factor!
    Pics cause they're good!!

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  11. lukus


    May 30, 2007
    I hadn't seen that Microtech. it's a good looking blade. I would point out that the tip is really in-line with the top of the handle, not really high like a lot of persian style blades, so it might not be all that bad for regular chores.
  12. rchesler


    Mar 13, 2016
    I really dont see the utility of this blade shape. Obviously I haven't used one, but I just can't imagine it being as good as a drop point at poking through stuff like I do sometimes or at doing cutting because it doesn't have that long flat belly that gives you enough contact area to cut. The curve makes it so you have very little space touching what you are cutting. And none of those blades look theyd be that great at slicing because while it would give you a good sweeping roll forward it looks like the handle isnt positioned like a chefs knife with your knuckle high enough so it doesn't touch when you roll back toward you.

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  13. rchesler


    Mar 13, 2016
    All that being sad. I've been pretty tempted by people putting up bedlams a couple times recently.

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  14. HFinn


    Sep 6, 2012
    The Cold Steel Talwar has some of the Persian profile in the design but not as extreme as Benchmade. I really would like to handle the Talwar.
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  15. Monofletch

    Monofletch Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 14, 2010
    Once you get used to the profile they are great EDC knives....


  16. GCG199


    Apr 26, 2001
    More Information regarding the Cold Steel Talwar:

    It has been discontinued for 2016, as it is no longer listed in the 2016 Cold Steel catalog.

    However, plenty of them are still available from various dealers. The main detail to watch out for is that certain dealers may mix-up the original Aus-8A versions with the newer Carpenter CTS-XHP.

    So be sure to keep an eye on the SKU numbers.

    There are also the black DLC-coated CTS-XHP blades with coyote tan or olive drab G10 handles. In both 4-inch and 5.5-inch blades.

    Plus, they have just released another limited run of plain, uncoated CTS-XHP blades with blue or gray G10 handles. In both 4-inch and 5.5-inch blades.

    I am carrying a 4-inch Talwar with a Colossus as work EDCs. It is a great combination of knives.
  17. Hackenslash

    Hackenslash Don't feed the Trolls Platinum Member

    Jul 25, 2014
    Persians make a great EDC blade. I used to carry my Bedlam a fair bit and before that I had cheap CRKT and Bad Blood Persians. My two biggest problems with Persians are:

    1. They're not always pocket friendly. All that sweeping blade expanse can get quite "pocket fat".
    2. They are very un-sheeple friendly. Whip out your 5" Persian at the office to open an envelope while chanting something that sounds vaguely Arabic and see what happens...:D Persian blades suffer from "Black Gun Syndrome".
  18. ThePeacent


    Sep 15, 2013
    A. I am so sad they discontinued the talwars. I never got the opportunity to get an OD Green one, with CTS-XHP, at any bargain price. Not even with the BladeHQ smokin' deals from the last month. I'm quite frustrated

    B. Persian blades are good for most of my EDC needs and tasks.


    While I admittedly never skin animals, I dig the curve for food prep and veggie/fruit slicing. Tip is strong and I love stabbing wood with my Talwar XL or my Bedlam-clone (god, that Ganzo might be a counterfeit, and the steel Chinese --CR--MoV, but that tip is Emerson-like, almost unbreakable).


    Most stabbing is done with bigger, meaner blades, and not on EDC duties, but I believe they'd excel at SD for their continuous curving/slicing shape and their slightly upsewt tip, great for belly/heart/chest stabs at full force, with leg power behind.



    Recurves and "nogales" blade act in a similar way, and IMO they belong to the same category for most tasks.


    Excellent shape, for me. YMMV


    BTW...Anybody got an OD Talwar CTS-XHP blade they kinda want to get rid of? Just askin...:D


    Dec 10, 2013
  20. Hickory n steel

    Hickory n steel Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 11, 2016
    I don't really think that these super upswept blades have much utilitarian value as an edc, but if you have to skin a dear then you'd be a happy camper.
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