Person In Need(Not me)


Jul 8, 2001
Riallin cant seem to post anything.....He was wondering if I could help him out in posting this for him: I says.Forum Rules:You may not post new threads
You may not post replies
You may not post attachments
You may not edit your posts HTML code is ON
vB code is ON
Smilies are ON
code is ON


vBulletin Message
You are not logged in or you do not have permission to access this page. This
could be due to one of several reasons:
You are not logged in. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and try
You do not have permission to access the page that you were trying to. Are you
trying to edit someone else's post or trying to access administrative
features? Check that you are allowed to perform this action in the Forum
If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account,
or it may be awaiting activation.

Logged in user: Riallin [logout]

The administrator may have required you to register before you can view this
page. Forgotten your password? This is what it says at the end of his screen when he trys to post or reply.

Thought I would be nice so this is my one good deed for the month. Thz to who ever replys
As a simple fix...has he tried to log in using his user name and password? If not, do so, if he has and that failed, contact Bladeforums or open another account i.e. Riallin II.

Good luck in any case!

You have to configure your browser to enable cookies to use this new forum software. If you're uncomfortable doing so, and you should be, then you need additional software to manage cookies.
Encyclopædia Britannica Article


(from Dutch koekje, diminutive of koek, “cake”), primarily in the United States, any of various small sweet cakes, either flat or slightly raised, cut from rolled dough, dropped from a spoon, cut into pieces after baking, or curled with a special iron. In Scotland the term cookie denotes a small, plain bun.

Probably the most popular cookies in the United States are those that are based on a simple dough of flour, butter, sugar, and egg, to which a variety of flavouring and texturizing ingredients, such as chocolate chips, oatmeal, raisins, or peanut butter, may be added. More delicate, decorative, or exotically flavoured cookies, such as macaroons, fruited pastries, and gingerbread men, are traditionally associated with baking done for holidays, particularly Christmas.

:D:D:D I know, it's not what he was talking about, but here's the real answer:

A "cookie" is a small file, usually a .txt (read that as text) file that contains information about your browser settings, usernames, passwords, etc. Some people choose to use them, but some security-conscious folk choose to disable them. Since I don't care right now if my machine does go +|+$ up, I leave them turned on. :D