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Oct 4, 1998
What one knife have you purchased that you most enjoy? It may have been the cheapest, rarest, coolest, neatest, baddest, sharpest, or the one you most like to show off. Why?
Mine just may be a "express card" by Mad Dog. I can carry it undetected, and when people see it they simply can't believe that what looks like a credit card actually is a knife. Plus, the price on it was right!
A toss-up for me. Mad Dog's Mirage-X Operator is just a neat g-wiz knife

I have a small Sebenza that is just a neat knife, all hype aside.

Call me silly, but I have a strange attachment to my Spyderco Rescue!

My favorite knife is still my Chris Reeve Mountaineer II. Favorite folder is the Spyderco Dragonfly.


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The knife I seem to enjoy the most is probalby my EDI Genesis and my Buck Squire (master series).

Close behind those two are my REKAT Pioneer tanto and Kershaw liner-lock.

Next month it may be that new Sebenza I am getting.



For me it is without a doubt my HALO. Love this knife and all the fun that goes along with the ego boost.

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For joy in handling, I like my Spyderco Micarta Calypso Jr. I love the smoothness of the pivot, I love the feel of the thumb hole, and I love the thin, flat-ground edge. Sometimes, when I've got nothing better to do, I like to stand at the kitchen sink and slice strips of flesh off my left arm, just for the sheer pleasure of using that excellent knife.

(Fortunately I almost always have something better to do.)

David Rock

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Just a tip Dave: I prefer to take the strips of flesh off my shin, sure it hurts more, but in the winter months, at least, it's easier to hide the bandages underneath your trousers. Hope this helps