Personal HI Collection

Mar 11, 2008
I previously mentioned that I thought I had about a dozen HI blades. Turns out the actual figure is eleven. Pretty close.


Using a flash brings out the blade profiles a little better:


I'll give the size and a brief description of each blade to help those trying to choose their first HI khuk or select another one for their own collection. Starting from the left:

1) 22" Ganga Ram Special by Bura: Don't have a record of the transaction so I'm guessing at the GRS. This khuk is so large that I've felt it would be best left unsharpened for the sake of safety.

2) 20" Cherokee Rose by Vim Kami: Recent purchase. Came very sharp. Awesome blade. Not yet used.

3) 20" Kumar Kobra by Kumar: Beautiful, flawless blade. Unused.

4) 18" Ang Khola by Bura: Great heavy chopper. Used extensively. Chopped through an 8" diameter blowdown in 15 to 20 minutes. I reduced the handle diameter with a belt sander to accomodate my grip more readily.

5) 18" Hanshee by Bura: Another excellent heavy chopper. Better balance than the previous Ang Khola but with similar chopping capabilities.

6) 17" M43 by Bura: My favorite khuk. Excellent balance. I don't sharpen it or use it so as to keep it pristine. I'm gonna need another M43 as a user.

7) 18" non-HI Chitlangi from DOTD: Another recent purchase. Unused, but has the feel of an excellent general camping tool or weapon.

8) 16.5" Chiruwa Ang Khola by Kumar: Excellent blade, lighter than most Ang Khola in this size range. Plan to reduce handle diameter to improve grip. This should be a great all purpose camping/trekking tool.

9) Standard 16.5" WWII by Sher: Nice heavy blade. Chops well.

10) 15" Pen Knife by Bura: This larger than normal Pen makes a great light chopper. Easy to carry. Good general purpose camp tool.

11) Generic 12" Khuk from DOTD: Good heavy kitchen knife.

I hope this information proves useful to prospecive buyers.

Enjoy! :thumbup:

P.S. Taking my wife out to dinner tonight, but I'll be back later to respond to any questions.
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I'm partial to my ols style 18" M-43 by Bura as well. But mine has been extensively used.
Nice broad assortment you have there, Bill.
It looks like you have your bases covered.:thumbup:
Hell HD I've got a custom due from Tad Lynch in another month and I'm thinkin of another Kuk anyway. As if I need another.
Is it that you can't tell which Kami made the DOTD ones? I think I can help with this if you want me to...

I would actually like to get myself down to a dozen Khuks but the knives HI makes are many and still draw me.

You have a nice collection Bill, I like it and I hope you find your 12th.
hi hdw
if you ever need to get rid of some to make room for some more
i'll take a couple of your hands starting with the first on the left
and finishing with the last on the right:) seriously a nice collection there
nice pile :)

i've been meaning to pull out the chests, and photograph what i have by category... some of them have moved along, and some of them have come to roost since the last time... still, there's more than a few left. i can barely move one chest when loaded. hundreds of pounds of steel. sheesh :>

OB Foxy:


OB Big Chopers that make the SuperCAK look small :)


and OB classics