Personal with Damasteel

Oct 9, 2002
Another one I just completed after getting it back from the heat treaters. 7" OAL, 2.75" blade, Dense twist Damasteel. Handle slabs of black G10 with a slotted rear-end tang, screwed on stabilised Maple Burl overlays. Man, that Damasteel is hard to photograph. I'll be using a less dense pattern from now on.

I originally made this one intended for my wife as a gift, but she's seen it and she says she prefers something else... :confused: :( :grumpy: Ah well, she IS the one who might be getting me a Mini-milling machine for my birthday... :eek: :D Jason.


Making some really fine knives, Jason. Good choice of materials and great execution. I really like the handle shaping and the G10 sets off the damasteel and wood beautifully. If I found that under my tree come Dec 25, I wouldn't send it back... they would have to sedate me first :)

Just curious about one thing - the swedge on the top of the blade seems to be on only one side?

Andrew Lim
That has to be my favorite of the "personals" that you make. :eek:
Who's the lucky bugger getting that one? I'm jealous.

Actually I wouldn't mind a folder that looked a bit like that ...

Hmmmm.. you've given me an idea. Let me know if you decide you'd like to make a folder.