pet peeve!

Feb 22, 1999
i noticed that whenever i carry loose change in the pocket my AFCK rests in, i always get a quarter or two stuck in the handle.

not that there's anything I can do about, aside from not putting quarters in my right pocket, I just felt like venting to you guys

know what you mean, I keep several smaller folders laying in the pocket, single bladed SAK chisel edged, and they are forever getting dimes stuck in there, but my wife figured out a way to prevent that, she takes ALL my money


When a fellow says, "it ain't the money but the principle of the thing,"
it's the money.
F. McKinney Hubbard

I always keep my knives in right-rear pocket or in the waistband for this very reason.It keeps the keys and change from dinging up my knives.Of course there is the change container option,but that may seem a little geeky to us he-man knife lovers!
What? Change? That's my knife pocket! Nothing goes in there, hehehe.

Hey, whatever you do, don't put Kleenex in the same pocket as your knife ;-)


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
I agree with corduroy. Nothing goes in my right front pocket except for my knife du jour.

This takes a little discipline at first, but becomes second nature after a while.

And having less in that pocket seems to reduce the frequency of hearing "Is that a knife in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?"
Corduroy, Phone-Archer,

Ditto on the pant "knife pocket". Same for the jacket, except it's the left hand side.


I also agree with Corduroy. I carry my keys and change in my left pocket. Only my knife is in my right.
When I was a kid I scratched up some nice-looking handles by carrying change in the same pocket, and now the very idea fills me with horror.

-Cougar Allen :{)
Gentlemen; apparently I am not sufficiently acquainted with current gentlemen's apparel.

My 501's have a small pocket, which used to be called a watch pocket, separate from, yet inside, the R front pocket. I find it convenient to store my change in this pocket, which obviates the possibility of coins causing damage to, or rendering temporarily inoperable, the knife I carry in the larger R front pocket.

Are gentlemen's trousers no longer so equipped? Walt
You know I must be one of the lucky ones as I have no change to put in my pocket(just kidding).
I used to have the same problem until, like others, I wised up and now keep it blade only.

I also opt for a horizontal sheath carry on occasions.
I haven't tried back pocket carry, afraid I might lose or break my knife. Anyone ever experience this?

God bless!

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!
I reserve my back pocket for "beaters," knives I could stand to damage or lose. They really do all the cutting, as the nicer folder in my front pocket is basically a toy that only comes out for drills and hopefully never for the other reason (which is why it must stay sharp and close-at-hand).

Back pocket access is a tad slower, and big knives might be uncomfortable to sit on, but I've never done one much damage, though the clip gets roughed up a lot. The one problem I have frequently seen is that particular couches and such will steal my knife by hooking the clip when I sit down - if I slide down into a lazy position, my knife stays with the furniture!

I have a customer who carries a titanium-scaled AFCK that I "made" in his back pocket everywhere he goes. I admit that I expected sitting on such a big folder all the time would be bad for both user and knife, but every time I see him he shows me the knife and it looks fine. I can only assume he's comfortable, too.

I wouldn't recommend the back pocket for fastest access or for storing a big or expensive knife, but I've yet to see a knife damaged by this carry.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
I used to be a card carrying member of the
afck crowd first the coated ats34 then the
coated m2 then the stuck change then the syderco military........Any questions....
built like an ox though only other problem
was liner lock was to hard to get to..
I always carry my Ascent in my back right pocket. It just wasn't comfortable having it in my front right pocket, so I moved it to my back pocket. And for some reason it seems I can draw it faster from my back pocket. It always felt akward drawing it from my front right pocket.

I am a strong believer in dedicated pockets. I can't bring myself to commit such an act of heresy as to force my *special* right front pocket kife to be chummy with assorted items
. My change realizes it can't win the fight
it stays in the front left pocket, unless I have another knife too.....

Gee, we should change the name of the thread to "The Right Front Pocket Brigade".

I also wouldn't dream of carrying anything other than my favorite personal protection device in my front right pocket. (although it usually has company attached to my right hip).

Hey Doc,
Long time,no talk. Hope all is well.
And yes, they still make that little pocket in every pair of jeans I have seen.

C.O.'s-"It takes balls to work behind the walls "
Also, in addition to getting spare change jammed in my AFCK, I have found it a royal pain to dig other crap out of the pocket with the knife hogging up all that space.


Hey! Uncle Sam!

(_!_) Nyah nyah nyah!

Refund! You lose! :)

Most my knives have been living in my right back pocket - haven't lost one yet. I have put two scratches on my wife's van due to my mini-AFCampK clip!! She wasn't too happy about that. I have been considering front pocket carry now that I have my new large Sebenza.
Who carries change? Put it in a box and in two years you can take the family on a ski trip...Why not use it to buy a new knife? Because the family's trained to buy you presents!!

From another Dedicated Right Front Pocket...
Perhaps instead of being some amazing phenomenal coincidence, the reason why most people don't seem to be carrying anything else besides their pocket-clipped folder in their right front pocket is that most knives carried this way limit access to that particular pocket to a certain degree, especially to things that are deep down in that pocket.
(I'm not trying to spoil all the fun or anything, though.)

I tried right front for a long time, but finally figured out the change was sneaking into my knife and dulling the blade. That was particularly annoying, so I switched to right back pocket. That seems to work for me, as long as the clip is metal. Plastic clips always break in my back right.