Pet Peeve!

Jul 20, 1999
OK, on the lighter side. My wife, although almost perfect, (great apple pie, the reason I married her in the first place), opens mail with her finger! Just stick's it under the flap and tears a big old ragged gash in the envelope! Man I hate it when she does that. I keep several knives in the kitchen nice and sharp for her to use, but she just has no----knife sense! I guess since thats here only fault i just as well keep her around for another fifteen years. Hmmm--maybe she would go for a new custom for our next anniversery!
This is what I open all of my letters with. Nice and clean cut.

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I can't get my wife to carry a knife but when she does need one she always asks me "does anybody have a knife"?

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.


Funny, I have at least 2 knives on me all the time. But I always open my mail just like your wife does. It just never occurs to me, and I use my knives all the time for other things. Maybe I'm just wierd. (actually there is no maybe about that)

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In my opinion. The least that women have to do with knives, the better.
I'm sure that there are some that can handle a knife well, but just about all that I have seen, treat a knife with no respect for the damage that it can do.
I get so nervouse when I see a female using a knife, that I often have to look the other way.

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My wife loves her switchblade.

As much as I use most any excuse to use a knife,
neither of use us a knife to open mail. A finger is the appropriate tool for the job.
OK . . . Are the women who hang out in these forums going to stand for that!?!?

Lynn's slim "Wharncliffe" style blade is a good letter opening style. In a factory folder, the CRKT Wharncliffe Grey Ghost and the Spyderco-Centofante C25 and C50 are very good upscale substitutes for a "Stanley knife." In a completely different blade style, a plain-edge Spyderco Cricket is surprisingly efficient. If you're opening mail in or near the kitchen, the little mini birds-beak paring knife in the Spyderco kitchen series can also work wonders on envelopes.

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I must say, when my wife gets hold of one of my knives, she uses it with a GOOD DEAL OF EXPERTISE.
I am always happy to watch her use a knife for various tasks because she seems to have an instinctual knowledge on how to use the tool to it's maximum extent without abusing it. I find it odd that she has very little interest in knives, as well as she uses them.
Also, she VERY seldom cuts herself.
Wish I could say the same!

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

My wife took possession of my Blue Circles Umfaan some time ago, and she has gotten into the habit of using it to open envelopes, packages, what have you. It is to the point that one of her friends asked her for a knife when we were out last week, but she pulled out her keychain and lent out her black handled SAK Spartan. I asked her where the Umfaan was, and she leaned close and whispered “What are you, crazy? That’s my good knife.”