Peter Bauchop knives

Jan 24, 1999
Anybody have any experience or information on them. I thought I heard them mentioned as being pretty tough.

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I recently aquired a Bauchop "Makulu" bowie. This is a 9.5" blade (in D-2), micarta handle that is serrated for better gripping, with 3 large "lashing" holes in it. It has a brass guard and is satin finished.

The knife feels very good in the hand, and the handle shape is very comfortable. The knife is full tang construction, and the knife has a very thick cross section remaining 1/4" thick alomost all the way to the tip.

Ive seen and-or- owned almost every serious tactical fighter out there. The Makulu Bowie is probably the "toughest" or perhaps it is a close tie with the Brend #2.

I have carried it in the woods a few times but havent had the chance to use it on one of these nasty red russian hogs!!!

I would give a definite "yes" on the question of these knives being tough. The fit and finish is also quite good (not as good as a Brend, Siska, Broadwell etc...) but still good.

This particular bowie came with a Kenny Rowe "swing" sheath, which is nice for such a large knife.

I can send you a digital photo if you want to see how this one is built.

I love a picture but I am not sure if my computer can handle a digital picture or how to even try and bring it up once you sent it. Also, how long is Mr. Bauchop's waiting list?

Thank you
I'll echo RMLamey's high marks for Peter Bauchop's work. I brought back 3 Alley Cat fighters w/native African hardwood handles from a recent trip to South Africa. Although I can't speak authoritatively about their performance since I haven't used them for anything yet, they certainly do seem tough and are very well balanced.

I don't know if my experience with lead time is typical since he was just beginning a run of Alley Cats at the time I placed my order. In any case, my wait was only about a month.

Les Robertson carries Bauchop & I believe he should have several in stock. See for some pictures & descriptions.


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I own about a half dozen Bauchop knives. If I had to go to war, a Witch or warlock would be going with me. I've seen better finishes on other makers knives, but bauchop's are all business. Beck's Cutlery distributes Bauchop's knives and they usually have a good selection at a fair price. Their address is:
748-F East Chatham Street
Cary, N.C. 27511
Thanks guys. I appreciate it all. It was very informative.