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Peter LaGana.....nothing less than a Living Legend!!!!

Nov 2, 1999
On Tuesday this week, I counted it an honor to meet once again with Peter LaGana in preparation for some very exciting things which are coming up....

1) ATC Video: personal interview with Mr. L., ATC/Vietnam Era History, Hawk CQB and Throwing

2) Signed Photos to make available to customers

3) Blade Show details


...the most fun was when Peter, at age 74, grabbed the very first and only hand ground (he did it himself) Vietnam Tomahawk prototype, which was over 40 years old and said...."Follow Me"...a true Marine!

He took me to his garage where planks were nailed to the wall....a target. Now I knew what was happening...but he was ahead of me.

That priceless Vietnam Tomahawk Prototype was airborne before I could say "WAIT...DON'T USE THAT ONE!!!!!"

THUNK!!!!!! and again, and again, and again. I was astonished. He had not thrown in over two years...and more importantly, he threw the very first Vietnam Tomahawk in the world, period. I carefully inspected the old, dry hickory handle...not a crack. I checked for head looseness...none. It was almost surreal!!!

Then...he handed it to me and said, "You try...." I can't believe he handed me the very first Vietnam Hawk to throw...which I promptly did! THUNK. It felt as if it were guided to the paper on the pine boards...like it had its own Spirit....40 years of history....the price of war, the men who were saved, the men who were silenced....it was profound.

Now, ATC has become my responsibility to the world....to equip our men and women in combat with a piece of history when they go afield....to remember.....and to give honor.

My gratitude for our time together that day is without measure.

Andy Prisco,
Co-Founder, Manager
American Tomahawk Company

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