Photo ready now Mean streets, diff thickness's

Dec 26, 1999
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Busse addicts of every age.
I can now post pics, It has been a little slow here.
So I will try a photo a day.
Alot has been said about the different thickness and finishes
of Busse Combat knives.
Here are some examples.
Mean Streets :eek:
If they are, I could use a few of them for my MS/LMS collection. Please let me know, looking for a smooth finish LMS, and a 5/16th for sure. Thanks, Chuck

PS. I didn't see a Tan handled LMS in that group :)
Sorry guys none of these are for sale.
1whobuys you are right no tan LMS, but I have my eye on one.:D
Your are making me green with envy,that has to be the meanest thing to do to a guy that wants a small Busse that is not made anymore:( I particualy like the coated ones see ya later Andree & Thanks:mad: :DAnd look what I did to my Steelheart IIE