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Photo Services???


Jul 26, 2000
What other Photo sites are there beside PhotoPoint that you have do have to pay for. Do you have to pay for "PiX".


Don't forget that many ISPs offer small, free webspace with an account. Depending on your ISP, you may already be able to host pics for free, and quite easily. WS_FTP is an easy-to-use, free software for uploading pics, and will allow you to take advantage of that type of setup.

Just something to think on...
If you get a premium membership on this site you should be able to post pictured directly. If you are going to pay, and this works for you, you might as well pay to support your playground.

Preminum membership is an excellent suggestion.

Checking to see if your ISP account includes web space (many do) is another good suggestion.

There are plenty of places where you can get free web space, xoom.com and homestead.com come to mind but there are many others. You might even want to consider buying your own little piece of cyberspace. You can get 100MBytes of space for about $10/month from http://www.newglobalnet.com which is where I host my site. Once you've done this, you too can have a cool e-mail address like chuck@balisongcollector.com
Photo point may just have closed for good.
They do not answer e-mail, can not be loged into.
Got E-mail saying there closed.
It seems that photo point is back up. I have a gallary posted there with about 50 other Knife collections, unless you are paid up you can only view your pictures in the gallery.
I second the suggestion of a Bladeforums Gold Membership.

Load your pic right into the post, keeps you from loading it one place, going to the string you want to put it in and then setting up the link. Plus you're supporting a great place

Just my .02

BTW, I get 10mb of free space from my ISP but using the picture features of the paid membership is easier, so I use it.