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  1. Stumpy72

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    Jul 5, 2018
    Many pix here on BF were hosted/posted via Photobucket. Many of them are now destroyed by being badly out of focus and having that irritating Photobucket Billboard imposed over the good majority of the image. I’ve only been here around 15 months and I haven’t posted a lot of pix, but the ones I’ve checked on are plastered with that obnoxious billboard (which they definitely weren’t when I originally posted them).

    Is there a way to eliminate the billboard or stop it from happening in the first place?
  2. RayseM

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    Feb 18, 2010
    You probably need to ask Photobucket but YES - I AGREE - the PB photos posted on BF these days are
    utterly USELESS for the reasons you state and do absolutely no justice to the images people are posting.
    I gave up on PB years ago, especially glad I did now.

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