Photon 3

Feb 5, 2000
Just got a white Photon 3, to use as a better alternative, to my old red 2. KICK A$$!! Everyone should get one, their superbright for their size. My favorite feature is the "seizure (sp?) starter", the fastest pulse on the differnt modes:D . just an all around neat toy, if you asked me
I agree, Maximus. I've got a blue one and it's a real attention getter. I think that the Photon III is the best Photon yet.

The Photon III is great; I have bought about two dozen of them, and given most away as gifts. Their big advantage is that you can use the lower power (dimmer) constant-on modes to conserve battery life. The short wavelength (white, blue, turquoise) Photons have only about 12 hours of battery life. This is extended roughly to 120 hours on the medium brightness, and 1200 hours on the low brightness. Yet, you can always override the low brightness mode by pressing on the front of the switch and get full brightness.

The blinking, or strobe modes (there are three fast, medium, and slow) are useful for marking things in low light conditions. My friends who bicycle at night have found the red and blue Photon III's good for this use.

The initial run of Photon III's had VERY stiff switches, so holding down the back of the switch (to change modes) was difficult. They are redesigning it with micro switches to take the place of metal contacts.

You can get Photon IIIs from Tim Flanagan: he doesn't have a website, but is a Forumite, and people, including me, have been very happy with his service.

Hope this helps, Walt
Totally support Walt's suggestion of Tim Flanagan.

Infact, I have another order of SureFires and batteries with some PhotonIIs coming soon. I've decided that I'll get some Photon3's as well (he doesn't know this as I've only just decided)

I've heard nothing but great feedback from people who buy from Tim.

I would hope the switches are easier to push with your thumb now. Doug Ritter's review at said the push-switches took an awful lot of muscle to activate.
Tried emailling Northeast with the addy provided (used the link) and got the Fatal Error message???
FYI - the turquoise ones are still not out yet :mad: but they should be soon. We got ours at last week, and they are pretty cool... make sure you read the directions though before you use it, otherwise you'll be trying to figure out why it isn't working right!