Photon II

Apr 30, 1999
I think I figured out a slick way to carry my Photon. I took a beaded chain and slipped the outer sheath of some 550 cord over it and have been wearing it around my neck. It weighs next to nothing and is always handy. It puts light just about where you need it just dangling there or I can put it in my mouth for more acccurate work.
I have been carrying mine like that for some time. You are right it seems about perfect.

My first Photon worked well like this until I forgot to remove it before shower. Died shortly after.

I have recently replaced the old one with two new Photon IIs from Tim Flanagan. So far I haven't taken a shower with either of the new ones.
Sounds good!!

Anybody know about some larger Photons
coming out and about?


That has been asked on Photon's discussion board and nobody is answering
There are hints of a waterproof one in addition to the larger one.

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

I've got attached to the neck chain of my Delica sheath. Slash and flash in one package!


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