Photon lights

Tim Flanagan, of Nor'east Knives. He has no web site, but his e-mail addy is Phone (401) 723-9349, fax (401) 725-4759.

I have purchased over 150 of these lights, and when you factor in shipping, lanyards for the models that come without, and the fact that he puts a small box inside the larger one with a little something special for my son Andrew, his prices are the best.

Tim is a gentleman, often on the IRC chat, with the sobriquet of NEKPHOTON. Walt
Why (with a big smile) do I hear Dan Akroyd saying (from Doctor Detroit)..."The Doctor!"

Thanks again WW! (Knows All, Sees All)
Tim; I am sending this to your private e-mail. That check for my 'unsolicited recommendation' had better be in the mail. If you are late like last time, our deal is OFF!! The bribable doctor (ssssshhh.)
Thanks for the initial kind words. Check's in the "mail" ;-)

Nor'east Knives

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Thanks for the tip, Walt. I talked with Tim this morning and ordered a white and turquoise with lanyards. Best price I've seen. Anyone interested should consider ordering from Tim. BTW, he even recognized my name from the forums. Great little network we got going here!

Thanks, Tim! Check should be on it's way shortly.

I also purchased a UK Mini Q20 (same as UK2L, name change) upon the recommendation of Walt and a few others. Fantastic little light! I was pleasantly surprised how much light it puts out. Seems to be a very good alternative to the very expensive Sure Fire lights. Sure, it won't put out the light the Sure Fire will, but it has longer run time in a smaller, waterproof, more durable package that's a hell of a lot cheaper. It is brighter and better spot than my 2D Mag. Everyone interested in a good light should check out the entire line of UK lights. They also offer a Mini Q40 that puts out the same amount of light as the Q20 (UK2L). It just uses 4 AA. Might appeal to some more than the lithium batteries.


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I've raved about the 4AA UKE lights (side-by-side configuration) for years. Excellent lights, waterproof, tough. I think I have 4 or 5 of them now, scattered around the house and cars.

Here's a decent site I found while searching for flashlights one night:

It's got a neat search feature that allows you to narrow your selections by manufacturer, battery type, or flashlight category. Haven't ordered anything from him, so I dunno about the service...

I've been considering purchasing some of the Photon lights, based on all the good things I've heard about them.

Like you, AKY, I've been thinking about just getting white, but now I'm curious about what color(s) the other board members recommend, and why? What does everybody end up using their lights for the most?
Photon lights double as *great* bore checkers. Stick that little booger in the ejector port or whatever, it's *perfect*.

Jim March
David,check out,there are some good facts on the lights there. The Photons vary not only in color but intensity ,beam width,and battery duration. The white has a very wide beam,it almost looks like a flourescent light when shined on objects. It`s range isn`t too great though and since it`s a dual battery light(blue and turquoise are too) it has only a 14hr battery life. Blue and turquoise also have wide beams but not as wide as white. Turquoise has a better range than white or blue and it`s really pretty(women love this one!). The blue tends to make things appear a bit blurry I think due to blue lights focal length. Turquoise isn`t as bad. Yellow has a very narrow,bright flashlight type beam with good range. I`m carrying one of these now. Orange`s beam is a somewhat wider and still very bright. As soon as my new order comes in I`ll be switching to orange and giving the yellow to my wife. Orange also has good object definition. Red has the best definition and saves night vision better than the others but isn`t as good for illumination outdoors and such. It`s good for reading maps,in car use etc. Green has a fairly wide beam,object definition isn`t bad,range is okay,not too hot for use outdoos in the woods etc. where everything is green. Best battery life of the bunch,up to 7 days! Standard Photons are good for 5 days. The above observations are based on trying all the different colors very briefly myself and getting input from customers the website address has charts etc. that go into more detail. It`s Brian Avery`s site,I bought my first Photon from him. His prices aren`t bad and the service was fast. Some of the other dealers are selling them for just over what I pay for them wholesale! They must be buying zillions of them to get those prices. Marcus