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Photos as I make knife

well....thats a problem here for me...LOL

I didnt know about you needing to log-on to that site before you can see the photos.
That website is Ed Fowler's forum, so I hope you can buzz over at watch my knife take shape.
It's so easy to post photos there compared to other places Im a member of.
The knife you see me doing in the photos is actually only my 5th attempt at a knife forged from a ball bearing.
Im new so I have a lot to learn from you guys yet.

52100 steel from a ball bearing is a bit tricky for me to do all by hand with just a little hammer, so I seek your advice and comments as I go along.

Today I have to start to profile the blade on the BeltGrinder.
Then do the flats
Then shape the blade for the Heat-treatments.
I will try to take a photo at each step along the way.

see you there!