Pic of my BAS in the right place.....

Nov 7, 2000
I felt I had to share this.I've changed the scabbard some,it matches my uniform better now.

Check some more pics of my BAS on photopoint :

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Sgt.D., Can you give us the details on how you covered the scabbard. I am particulary interested in how you covered the tip.
Pics do not make it clear. Did you leave the brass chape on the scabbard?

--Mike L.

What goes around...comes around.
Very cool!!!

Sarge if you ever need or want to make the handle more tactical rub it down with some Scotch Brite or steel wool, about 3 ought(000) should do it.
I also like the grippier(is that a word?) feel that it gives.
Perhaps not as pretty as the polish it has now, but not what I consider unattractive either.
I should have done my 18"AK a lot sooner than I did.



Indin word for lousy hunter.
Great looking Khukuri! I like what you did with the sheath. Goes really nice with the uniform also. So, anyone else jealous?


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Sarge that looks pretty good! Now you need to get a gunsmith to put checkering on the handle. If Swedes don't use that term, it refers to the diamond-shaped cross hatching that you'd see on the grips of a sidearm or stock of a rifle.


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WOW, nice rig Sgt.

By the way, I apologise for missing out on your request on the GH-forum. I have been kind of busy lately, but now that should be corrected. So if you would be so kind as to recheck your post on the GH-forum, I would be very grateful.

Again, my most sincere apologies for my lousy manners.

Yours truly: Seax
Thanks for all positive response. For a starter, I 've done nothing to my kukhri that cant be redone.

I took away the brass-chape by holding it in hot water,melting the laha.

The cover is canvas-like cloth. I folded,and sewed, one side of the cloth to get a thicker edge,5mm wide. Then I wrapped the cloth around the scabbard with the thicker edge resting against the top part of the scabbard,so it won't slide down.Then I thigtened the cloth on the back of the scabbard and sewed it together.The "surplus" cloth was cut away and I folded and glued a nice seam on the backside.

I cut a strip of thick leather,about 10x60mm,and glued to the tip of the scabbard as a new chape.

I covered the brass on the handle with black duct-tape.(As I'm not a total heathen I couldnt bear the thought of ruining the beautiful work.....yet, at least).

I apologize if my explaining isn't very good, but I lack some parts of the vocabulary needed for theese things.

Best regards

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Good pic. The proper place for the kuk would be buried in your enemey.
You will have to forgive us.
Don't you think it will rust there?

(By the way "kuk" means somthing totally different in swedish and I wouldn't want that buried in my enemy.)

Has the BAS earned a permanent place on your web belt? Considering the amount of weight you have to carry belt space is probably at a premium.

Interesting camo, do you know how it compares with others?


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Warrior: "kuk" is a swedish nonproperlanguage word for the male genital.

Will:That place is supposed to acomodate a bayonet and since I'm not issued a bayonet I can fill the place with something that is more useful than a bayonet.And I dont have to carry that big axe in my pack when I've got my big knife.(At least thats a good excuse for a "hollyday warrior" to carry a knife this big.

I have no idea how our camo compares to others. But I've heard its computer-genrated for optimal effect in swedish terrain.Some say its to bright and things like that but I dont really know.
Would be interesting to hear a comparison though.

Best regards

rkenny: I'll have to pass on that one. Next time I'll see my unit is in a month. Generally swedish peple tend to think that anything larger than a Mora-knife or SAK is to large. We are not used to large knives since we lay down our viking-swords.
Most of my friends think it's alright though. There are people who think large knives are both cool and useful. But there is also people who suspect that anyone carrying an odd or large knife is a potential serialkiller, but don't find handling assault-rifles strange at all.

Uncle Bill: I think you will see more of that from me.

Best regards