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Mar 9, 2009
Hey everyone, Happy Friday! :thumbup::D:thumbup:

I just wanted to request an oldschool x-ray picture of a couple of Res-C handled blades. The picture was a couple of Basics and a Swamp Rat or two that someone had x-rayed showing the configuration of the tangs. I forget who took it, or what forum it was, or which knives were even in the bloody photo, but if anyone is on the same page and knows where to find it...please shoot it this way. I just found the picture very interesting. Thanks for any help and have a safe & happy weekend!
IIRC it was posted on the scardyard forum, BUT I could be completely wrong! :D

EDIT: So it was my second guess then :p
Here's a bare tang from a Basic 7 or 9 -- both the same. The tang on the Basic 5/3 is full thickness but shorter and not quite as wide top-to-bottom as shown here, because of the scaled-down Res-C handle on the smaller models:


Note the thong hole liner at the rear of the handle is securely threaded through the tang itself for optimal strength. Also, where the tang narrows down from the ricasso, note how the cuts are radiused to eliminate any sharp corners that might invite failure via concentration of stress. The effectiveness of this design was proven in Noss' destruction test of a Basic 9, in which lateral failure finally occurred with the blade breaking under side-impact hammer blows to the handle, but the reduced tang of the handle itself did not fail.


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