Picked these up today

Dec 25, 2018
I picked these up today at an off season yard sale today, cheap. The Estwing head was a freebie and I think I can make something nice of it.
The others are a R. King Tool Steel which had a broken handle and weighs 3lbs3oz and a E&S Mfg. CO. which is marked 3 1/4. I assume that's lbs. Something is barely visible on the E&S above the mark but I can't make it out yet. Just starting to do my research and seemed like you folks could help me the most precisely!
This is crossposted in "It followed me home today" but I screwed up the photos and cant figure out how to delete it Sorry!
Wrap the Estwing handle with tape and use it as a handled wedge. Abuse it. Throw it away.

The other 2 look like Connies. The R. King is awesome! Great score.