Pics of my visit to Laredo7mm's


KnifeMaker & Moderator
Mar 15, 2002
Very cool!! What kind of a setup are you using that only lets you heat-treat small blades?
Feb 4, 1999
A MAPP gas torch. :( I tried to get some firebrick to make a one-brick forge, but it must've been the wrong stuff because it didn't help at all, unless I was completely inept at putting it together. I should've bought some of Sean's kaowool from him and done it properly. Duh. What an idiot. Oh well, there's always next time!
Oct 26, 2003
Looks like you had fun Chiro. That's a very cool setup Laredo. Do you mind if I ask about your exhaust fan setup? I've been wanting to move a propane forge setup to my basement for some time but would like to do it without hassles like dying or blowing up my house. :) Thanks.

Jul 8, 2002
HeHeHe, I like my wiring. Like most of my equipment, it works but just ain't pretty. ;)

My exhaust fan is a two speed furnace blower mounted to a piece of plywood that is then mounted in the window above the forge. I think on high it is 1200 cfm. It is pretty efficient at removing smoke, heat, fumes, dust, etc. especially when the window across from it is open to create a nice cross wind. Gets a bit chilly without the forge running when it is 10° out though.

I had a good time except for the damascus thing. I need to get back down there today and try to figure out what is going on. Hard telling with all the variables, but i have never had that much trouble getting an initial billet to stick.

Next time Chiro comes over we are going to do a test piece in the salt pot that actually has clay on it.

Not to knit-pick Chiro's editorial, but it is a 2x60 Burr King grinder and we nornalized at 1650, 1600, 1500 plus or minus a few degrees. It was cool having company in the shop. I think he was my second visitor. I did not have any damascus issues with the first visitor, so maybe Chiro is a bad luck charm. ;) :D
Dec 7, 2000
My shop walls look like Seans! Only they're white - or used to be white. I just have to get that salt pot built, that's the best way I can think of to do this stuff. Sean, what kind of thermocouple do you use and where'd you get it?

Chiro, anyone who works as hard as you do ain't a bad luck charm! It was the FUF this weekend, and that's all. I dig your tanto, can't wait to see that bad boy finished. I really do need to start clay coating some of my blades. Think that would be a reasonable substitute for making damascus? :D (It'll have to be, I haven't the patience or willingness to turn so much valuable steel into slag, to make damascus. I need a girlfriend who makes the stuff! Yeah, that's the ticket!)

Thanks for the writeup Chiro, and thanks for the welcome mat you put out for him Sean. Your wiring sounds like my collection of extension cords all cable tied to the plumbing in the rafters... ;)