Picture Archive announcement

Mar 26, 2000
Given that:

- most of the pictures were hosted and posted by Eric "HOLY CRAP" Isaacson, and the fact that due to storage space considerations he had to remove most of the pics he was hosting

- there are other excellent sites with plenty of Busse eye candy

I am going to unsticky the archive thread, and replace it with a thread that will have the acronyms now known and yet to be, as well as references to the sites that have most of if not all of the pics that were listed.

If you want to snag any pics off of the archive thread before it falls into history (actually just moves on like any other old post), please do so before Monday.

After that, I create a new sticky post, and I will still post any NEW pics, as well as try to keep the pics posted there limited to comparison (ex. Active Duty to Mean Street) and reference pics.

I will also list the sites which currently have the Busse drool factor goin on.

I hope this will help newer hogs and hogs-to-be see what all is out there.

Let me know your thoughts and/or suggestions.

What a great thread that was! We can all thank Eric for creating it....and for killing it!!!! :grumpy:


Seriously, sounds great Mike, and until the new pics are up we can still enjoy Bad Mojo :cool:
It's unfortunate that most of the pictures in the picture archive have disappeared; but, within these circumstances, I agree with your decision to "unstick" the picture archive thread.

As for the new sticky thread you plan to replace it with: I would like to see it have a larger scope. It could be a "Busse General info" directory. Within the thread, you could put up one post wherein you list (and continue to edit in) the URLs for sites like Bad mojo. Another post would list Busse acronyms. Then you could put up another post in which you list links to threads discussing the Busse warranty. Then you could put up another post in which you list links to threads about what INFI is, and what its properties are. Then another post could list links to threads showing extreme Busse knife performance. Another post could list links to reviews of Busse knives. Another post could list links to threads about braiding a D-guard. Etc.

A lot of work, I'm sure... maybe too much work. (You'll have to decide that for yourself.) But a "Busse General Info" sticky thread, as described, would be very cool.