Picture attachments - how?

Jan 24, 2001
Got the digital camera up and going and want to send some pics of the Unigrinder in. How do you send a pic? I don't find info on faq's or search.
Try this link, http://www.bladeforums.com/ubb/Forum4/HTML/001738.html

or do like I do and edit a post with a picture in it and copy the area that has the image(
Yeah, like he said. The art of the Internet is the art of plagiarism, theft, and artistry in cut-n-paste.

The actual HTML is just to pop an tagset around a URL to the picture. The catch is that the image has to already be on a website somewhere. No posting pics off of your harddrive directly. If anyone knows how to do THAT, please tell me, for the Gods' sakes!!

An example would be something like (and use [] square brackets, or it won't work):


And of course, as I say this, my current luck with pics is failing, so, it will definitely behoove you to try it out, and if you have problems, check a post that IS working to make sure your URL and HTML are both cool. They can be touchy, from time to time, so just dink with it until you get it right!

Good Luck!

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Hello Bill,

For me, learning HTML commands is about as boring as reading a dictionary...

To get your photos online, you need to put the files on the web somewhere.....that means you need to find a computer to host the images. One free hosting service is: photopoint.com. You can set up a free account and upload your files to thier computer. Then, once your files reside in cyberspace ...on the web somewhere...they'll have a web address. They can then be displayed on web pages, forums, emails...etc by using the apropriate HTML command and reference to the file location (address).

So, first things first....get your photos loaded onto a computer somewhere on the web (ie: phototpoint.com....or some other hosting service). Then record the address of the photos and report back.... we'll show you how to display them online in a snap.

Take care,

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Greetings. I've put off replying to you as this is ssuch a can of worms. Truth is, you probably already have a free webpage from your ISP (your "internet service provider"). I for instance, use "mainstream" as my ISP and have a free huge,(truth is they don't care what or how much I put up...) homepage and I'll bet, so do you. Now if you use america online, I can't help you. They, as do many internet "biggies", have their own proprietary system for doing everything! mainly so it won't be compatable with anything else. Sorta like the automotive companies putting a screw somewhere you can't get to and then having the tool for sale that you need to do the job. Small ISP's are'nt so assinine; mine for instance just does'nt give a damn. Anyway, you need to physically call them on the phone, tell them you'd like to access your home page space and they will tell you their isp's "FTP" address. Uh, whatyou say is an "FTP"? now you see the can of worms I was describing... FTP stands for "file transfer protocal". It's how your computer gets in touch with their computer, that's all. Todo this you need a small programme; a good one is found <a href=http://www.tucows.com/> here at this site</a> and more specifically,<a href=http://tucows.surfus.net/preview/12292.html> on this page and it's free.<b/></a> Now you will have to do a little practice to make this time effective but I'd say it's worth it. All th picture hosting sites you see people use want to put banners, and ads everywhere on your page and pics, not so with the homepage you've already paid for in your monthly fee. You will learn to save and edit you pics on your local machine's (computer) hard drive then "upload" (read "send") them to your ISP. then you put that address in your homepage code or your posts here on BF and you have links to, well, stuff!! The highlighted links above have been simply inserted in my message by useing HTML (hypertext markup language), go <a href=http://gotomy.com/code.html>HERE<a/> to find out a little more about how to use this. If your going to stay on the net, it's a must really.

regards and good luck, mitch