Picture request : pATAK side view

Cliff Stamp

Oct 5, 1998
Awhile ago I wrote up a review of the Mission MPK and as part of it I compared the handle to one on MD's pATAK. I included in the review a picture of both knives. One picture from Bob and the other from CFK&T indicating where the pictures came from.


Recently on MD's forum it was pointed out to MD that I had done this and he was not overly pleased and wants all such pictures removed :


Now while I of course could simply make the offending picture just a link to the one on the CFK&T site instead of making a local copy (for faster reading of the reviews), if MD wants them removed since he is the maker I'll remove it.

Now here is the problem. I don't want to compare the handles without a picture and the only ones I have are of my TUSK with the blade in less than ideal condition. I don't want to use it as its condition will draw attention away from the point of interest which is the difference in grips.

So if someone out there has a decent picture of a pATAK showing the grip clearly from the side, I would appreciate an email of a copy (sstamp@physics.mun.ca), thanks.


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