Picture request: Umfaan in hand?

Feb 22, 1999
I have never seen an Umfaan up close, and from its specifications I cannot really get the feeling of its size.
If someone has one, and has a digital camera handy, could we please have a picture of a hand holding an Umfaan, or maybe an Umfaan next to a well-known little knife, a small Spyderco perhaps?
Does this help?


Rick Gray - Left Handers Unite
The Umfaan is surprisingly small--the small Sebenza is much bigger. It's smaller than most keychains. I was considering getting one, but wow! That thing is tiny!

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Here you go:
<A HREF="http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=306668&a=2279510&p=39164843&Sequence=0&res=high" TARGET=_blank>

<A HREF="http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=306668&a=2279510&p=39164844&Sequence=0&res=high" TARGET=_blank>

The black knife is the small AFCK, with the rare silver patch M2HSS marking; the small Sebenza is the AZCK custom run, Devin Thomas Damascus blade; the Umfaan is a decorated model with the standard stone washed finish blade.

Hope this helps. I presume you know enough to click on the small pictures to view a larger one.


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Thanks Walt!!!

BTW, have the snails arrived yet? I gave them something to bring you.