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Picture request

Jun 14, 2001
Just wondering if there might be a kind soul out there who could post a picture of the BM 710 and the MT LCC next to each other for comparison. Actually, it would be even better if these two knives were pictured next to a Sebenza or Spydie Native for reference, or some common object.

I'm really interested in purchasing one of these knives, but I can't seem to find one here locally to look at...


Guess it may teach me in which order to do things. Don't have digital camera or scanner. But, had one great pic of Sebenzas, and the Knife Center Pics of the LCC and 710 were very good. Not a very good pic of the Native. So, copied, made Word 97 document with just the 4 pics pasted into it. Thought would e-mail it to you. Not possible.

If you're interested in getting it, e-mail me, and I'll send it attached to a reply.

I own a regular Sebenza and a Native FRN. Could provide my impressions, if you're interested.
Hi Bugs3x,

Thanks for your post - I didn't realize I had set my preferences such that other BFC users couldn't e-mail me. Another change from the old software I guess...

Sending you some e-mail now...