Feb 13, 2000
I recieved #'s 34 & 35 today sweet little knives. After a little use I'll let you know whats up. Right off the bat though they are well worth the price in my opinion. Also for those of you who didn't get one I just wanted to bragg that I got **2** of them
I have one in D2 and one in Talonite!

Great knife. (But so's the ArcLite.

Pix can be seen with link below my signature.


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I have one with a Mike Sastre concealex sheath....very sweet piece!

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Kodiak Alaska

#25 went back today. Hoping not to have to wait too long for it to be repaired or replaced.
I just finished reprofiling the edge on #39 to 30 degrees with my Spyderco 204. I also added an extra hole to the Sheath to allow Horizontal IWB carry.

The fit and finish on this knife is Very Good. It is very comfortable in the hand.

The Sheath is excellent.

I will post more after Carrying and using a little longer.

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Am I missing something. I do not see any explanation. Why did it go back?
Yeah, I'm wondering too. Why did #25 go back? Grind lines?

There was about 1/16 inch at the tip on one side of mine that wasn't even ground
Yeah, I FINALLY got mine; those of you who have heard me whining know what I mean. But anyway, I figured it would get taken care of the first time I sharpen it, anyway. I guess REKAT was a little rushed in getting these out.

There were two nicks in the edge that went all the way through the bevel of the edge to the bevel of the blade. I could have reprofiled the whole edge and fixed it, but on a brand new first run edition I didn't think that it was acceptable. Ordered one of the production run. Hopefully the QC is better, but either way I would have less of a problem reprofileing the edge myself. First time I have had a return to 1SKS, but was the third return in the last two months to an online knife shop so I think I was already a little fed up in general.

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Is it just me, or does there appear to have been plenty of room on the back side of the Pikuni blade to etch the serial number?

PIKUNI's ROCK! At least Rob's do & based on what's been said on REKAT Forum they will too ! They have promised to take care of any problems on ones sent out & future ones will be right! Have a D-2 Micarta from Rob that is my most often carried neck knife, hopefully a Talonite Pikuni with Ringed Gidgee wood handles will be waiting for me when I get home tonight & also have a baby Pikuni(a.k.a. the Nighthawk) in talonite & carbon fiber available from KnifeArt.

The Pikuni is the BEST neck knife I have handled or used bar none - the size is optimum for everyday utility & carry - it does not imprint much worn under a shirt - the ergonomics of the handle allow comfortable & secure grip regardless of which grip it is being held. There is enough of a guard to provide secure hold without worrying about sliding up onto the blade, the thumb ramp is comfortable but provides a secure feel when cutting, even in extended use. The handle offers basically a 3-finger grip that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand and the small hook at the rear prevents sliding off the end. The handle is one of the best designed & most well thought out I have found in knives of any size & shows that Rob designs his knives to be used & knows what works.

The blade/steel are great for utility use - there is a nice drop & enough belly for slicing with enough of a point to allow fine detail cutting. The D-2 holds a great edge, rarely needs to be touched up & cuts like a son-of-a-gun. This reflects Rob's excellent heat treat & grinding that is already renowned in the knife industry. I have a rapidly growing collection of Rob's knives & have never found one of his blades to be less than superb - his attention to detail on everything he does is great & the Pikuni is every bit as good as on his more expensive knives. The Nighthawk(2 1/2" blade) is as sharp as any knife in my house( including RJ's).

Rob also does a great job on the Concealex sheath for the Pikuni - can be carried in any position without worry of it coming out but still allowing easy access & extraction from the sheath. Quality work!

The bottom line is that the Pikuni is one great little knife, whether from Rob or REKAT, and don't let the problems on a few of REKAT's early releases dissuade you from acquiring this wonderful knife - any problems will be taken care of & future ones will be right out the door.

Have a nice day!

P.S. Darrel I still love your Arclite as much as ever - its right behind the Pikuni.