Pivot Screw on Commander

Jun 6, 2001
Hello All! I am new to the forum, so please excuse any problems with this post.(if any) I have a question about the pivot screw on the Commander I just purchased. The side opposite the screw head is a panhead shape. I thought Emerson stopped using them. I have four other Emersons(2 SOFCK,1 CQC-7 w/WAVE,1 Commander) and they are dated 2000 or 2001 and they all have the flat sided pivot screw.(the Commander in question is a 2000 model) This is not a problem. I'm just wondering. Thanks.
I can't help you with your question, but welcome to BFC and welcome to the Emerson Forum!


EKI did change the design of the pivot bolt/screw. Originally all models were shipped with the rounded bolt.

EKI offered several models pre-drilled and tapped for "tip down" carry should the owner want to carry them that way. Problem was, the rounded bolt interfered with the positioning of the clip in a "tip down" configuration.

New flat headed bolts were manufactured and put into the production of these "convertable" models.

The remainder of the rounded bolts were used in models, like your Commander, that did not provide for converting to "tip down" carry. Once that supply of rounded bolts was exhausted, Commanders and the other models were made with the flat bolts.


Will the flat pivot screw work and give a tight fit when using the Commander quick deployment Kydex sheath? I have one of these sheaths that I use with a Commander that has the rounded pivot screw. It fits nice and tight in the sheath. Will a new flat pivot screw Commander fit in the sheath tightly?

I emailed Emerson Knife today. Most likely will hear back on the 5th. I will post their reply. Thanks.
Today I received the following reply, from Emerson Knives, about the use of the flat pivot screw and the Kydex quick deployment sheath. Another good example of the professional way Emerson Knives works with their customers. Thanks Derek!

"Hi Jay,

It is a bit hard to say. The sheaths are made by hand so they will all vary a bit. It will depend, to an extent, how much you have used the sheath. The "domed" pivot bolts tend to cut a groove in the interior of the sheath.

I am sorry I can't be more specific. If you experience any trouble with the set-up, let me know and I will see if our kydex guys have any suggestions for you.

If you have any other questions, please be sure to let me know.

Take care,
Derek Russell
Sales Manager"
Emerson Knives